IKEA Christmas: What IKEA Will Have for The Holidays

We're taking a look at what IKEA will have in store for Christmas 2020.
IKEA Christmas: What IKEA Will Have for The Holidays

Last update: 25 November, 2020

Like every year, IKEA already has ideas of how to bring Christmas into every home. Think about lights, trees, and glitter that will bring a wintry touch to your home decoration. Let’s take a look at IKEA Christmas ideas.

We’re going to give you some products that we love so start your letter to Santa and begin to feel the warmth of this time of year again!

It’s time for IKEA Christmas

It's time for IKEA Christmas.

This Swedish multinational company has officially put out their new winter lines and among them, Christmas decorations. You can convey all the magic of this time of year with lights, stars, balls, and lots of accessories. So get cozy and enjoy the VINTER collection.

IKEA Christmas: The star of the show

There’s nothing more Christmasy than a tree and if you can do it sustainably, even better! With this model, you don’t need to get a new one every year.

Each part can be unscrewed and separated so you can store them easily in a closet for the rest of the year. Also, there’s even more good news – it’s made from 30% recycled plastic. Price: $99.

Add this tree to your IKEA Christmas list.

IKEA Christmas ornaments

Ornaments are a crucial part of Christmas decorations and your tree will look amazing with these glass ones. You can find more traditional ornaments or others in the shape of drops, houses, and hearts. Also, there’s a red wreath that will help you make your front door bright and festive.

For a more natural look

For people who don’t like Christmas reds and greens, IKEA has a new tree made entirely of bamboo, a renewable material. Also, each tree is handcrafted by professional craftsmen from plants that offer all kinds of colors. This means that every tree that leaves the factory is unique. It costs $49.99

A family in the living room for the holidays.

A smaller tree

If you have a small home, this is a tree that you can hang on the wall. You can also put up lights and decorations, as well as Christmas cards. Consider adding some LED lighting strips and voila! It costs $19.99.

Light to illuminate your home

Another tradition that we love is filling your home with beautiful, warm lights, such as these star-shaped paper lampshades.

Swedish tradition says that they should be placed in the window, where they add a touch of warmth to the home. We love them because you can use them throughout the year. Their price varies depending on the type, from $7.99 to $19.99.

IKEA Christmas for your table

A holiday dining set.

Another winter tradition is to make gingerbread cookies and, for this, there’s nothing better than having the perfect molds to make the ideal gingerbread house for $2.99.

To finish off the picture, there’s a VINTER tablecloth with red and white stripes that’s so beautiful. It’ll make your Christmas meal look even more appetizing. Lastly, there are also white, textured plates with a red edge that are gorgeous!

The flavors of IKEA

The food court is a favorite area of people who visit IKEA and, at parties, these delicacies make gatherings more welcoming. 

The VINTERSAGA drink ($3.99) has a characteristic Nordic fruity and spicy flavor. It’s non-alcoholic and you drink it warm. If you also pair it with some gingerbread cookies ($5.99), you can’t go wrong!

IKEA Christmas offers something for all the senses and, this year seems even warmer and cozier than before.

There are so many different products, from tableware and glassware to gift wrapping or a rocking chair for the little ones. So let’s get into the Christmas spirit!