Christmas Dinnerware Sets You'll Love

You must prepare for Christmas with your best dinnerware. Your elegant sets with decorative motifs that are typical of this holiday can be recurrent at any lunch or dinner.
Christmas Dinnerware Sets You'll Love

Last update: 19 November, 2019

There are many exclusive and interesting decorations for your Christmas dinnerware out there. You could even use some of these dishes throughout the year. So, Chrismas style dinnerware is a clear example of the current decor trends.

Of course, the motifs used on this kind of dinnerware are specifically about Christmas. Consequently, most of the ones you’ll find online and at your local stores right now will be appropriately themed for this celebration.

In any case, you can also make your artisan-style decorations. Christmas decor isn’t just about hanging shiny balls on a tree or tinsel on the fireplace. You should also pay attention to the presentation of your meals.

Christmas dinnerware with motifs

The Christmas theme is widely diverse, but the motifs on the dishes must have illustrations and colors linked to this holiday. For example, the color orange isn´t associated with Christmas, so it doesn’t go with this look.

  • Santa Claus images. This is a very important motif for this holiday because they’re the most stereotypical. So, Santa is the most representative symbol here regardless of how he’s portrayed. His clothes must be red, of course.
  • Santa with a sleigh and reindeers. Another useful motif is the representation of these three elements dashing through the snow. You could have one of just a reindeer as this is a symbol of Christmas.
  • Other simple motifs you can use are stars, Christmas trees such as pines or firs, snow, tinsel, oak leaves, etc.

There are many other kinds of dinner plate decorations, for example:

Cup sets

A Christmas cup.

Christmas cups can be a huge hit for meals, in between meals or when you’re just having a cup of hot chocolate with your family. There are many cup decor motifs out there:

  • As we said above, all representations of Santa Claus and his reindeers, Christmas trees or simpler motifs such as tree balls, tinsel, and bells, are quite suitable for the occasion.
  • In contrast, there are also many “adult” motifs such as snowflakes, snowy landscapes and even black backgrounds with geometric or linear elements.
  • All of these can have a single color, without any patterns or motifs on it. However, not just any color will do. If you want a Christmas atmosphere then opt for red, green or crimson.

Stemware and shot glasses

Two wine glasses.

December holiday dinners are all about elegance and a certain glamor so your glasses must also be suitable for these kinds of occasions.

  • Opt for water goblets or tulip stemware. They could have some kind of motif, either Christmas-themed, such as the ones we mentioned before or with a simple external adornment that shows how special they are.
  • Another option would be to find some opaque or semi-transparent ones in bright colors. Again, red is the most popular.

Generally, Christmas is the time to indulge and you might want to give a final touch to your dinner with a digestif. This can be served in a shot glass.

The glasses could have some kind of motif on their surface. However, don’t try to achieve elegance here, this is your chance to find something more fun and relaxed.

When to use Christmas dinnerware?

A sphere with an angel.

You can use your Christmas dinnerware at any time during the holidays. Likewise, they should be there during your main Christmas holiday meals.

In any case, there may be many more unofficial meals with your friends and family throughout December and those are also great occasions for using your Christmas dinnerware. So, don’t limit their use to one day or two and use them as much as you can.

Get yourself some Christmas themed tableware and let the celebration begin!