How to Use Cowhide Rugs to Decorate

Cowhide rugs, both natural and synthetic are a really easy, elegant and high-quality way to decorate your home.
How to Use Cowhide Rugs to Decorate

Last update: 28 January, 2021

For years, cowhide rugs have been a popular decorative element in homes all around the world. They are normally used to decorate interiors rather than exteriors.

Every cowhide rug is unique. They’re really eye-catching elements that will add a charming touch to any home. However, if you really want them to look their best, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. We’ll tell you all about them in the following article.

Cowhide rugs

Nowadays, not all cowhide rugs are natural. There is a wide variety of different types, and many different materials to choose from.

As a result, there are also various differences between them. However, what differences there are will depend more on how well they have been made, rather than what they are made of.

For example, while you can find many synthetic cowhide rugs that are very similar to high-quality natural rugs, there are also many of far inferior quality.

Cowhide rugs can be natural or synthetic.

How best to really show off your cowhide rugs

1. Avoid placing furniture on them

If you really want to show off your cowhide rugs to the full, avoid placing large pieces furniture on them. By doing this, you will avoid:

  • Hiding or blocking your cowhide rug from view.
  • Overfilling your room, and you will prevent it from looking overcrowded.

So, if you want to place your cowhide rug under a coffee table, a small pouf or another type of furniture, you need to make sure that it is small and light. A glass table, for example, will leave your rug fully visible.

2. Location

There are two places people usually put cowhide rugs: under dining room tables, and under coffee tables in living rooms.

While they can work well (if you remember that last piece of advice) these aren’t necessarily the best options.

Cowhide rugs look best in spaces with fewer elements, such as passageways. This is because, whether natural or synthetic, cowhide rugs are full of style and character.

However, because they are so eye-catching, combining them with equally eye-catching elements means they will compete with one another for attention. This can be visually overwhelming.

It’s important to remember that, the bigger the room, the better your rug will look. One example would be to place your rug in the center of a large, spacious living room, without putting any furniture on top of it.

Cowhide rugs work best with minimalist or Nordic style decor.

3. Contemporary decor

While you might think that a cowhide rug would naturally work best with rustic or country style decor, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Nowadays, going for a more contemporary style can help you achieve more attractive decor, and there will be less chance of your chosen style going out of fashion after only a few years.

This doesn’t mean avoiding all rustic or retro style furniture, but it is important to maintain a sense of balance between modernity and tradition. This will help give your home a fresher, more welcoming feel.

The Nordic and minimalist styles are great if you really want to show off your cowhide rug.

4. Choose the color and style carefully

Not all natural cowhide rugs are the same. The colors and patterns vary from one to the next, and this is something you’ll need to take into account before you incorporate it into your decor.

If your room is small in size, it might be best to buy a rug that is all one color. They are more understated, and won’t overwhelm your room. In the opposite case, try to look for rugs with bold and interesting patterns, which have the presence to decorate larger rooms.

It’s also important to pay attention to the colors. That way you can choose the ones that work in harmony with the rest of your decor.

5. Main feature, or complementary element?

You can use cowhide rugs as the central feature in your room, or a complement.

You might not think this is important, but trust us on this one. You need to decide whether your cowhide rug is going to be the main feature in your room, or whether it’s going to play a more secondary role, as part of your decor. This can help you establish a clearly defined dynamic, make sure your decor works.

If you want your rug to be the focal point of your room, surround it with simple furniture with clean, straight lines and neutral colors. For complementary elements, you could use minimalist style decorations and even plants.

Other things to consider

While these rugs are well-known for being strong and hard-wearing, it’s still important to do some research into the care your specific rug needs, so that it doesn’t get worn out over time.

We would definitely recommend that you avoid vacuuming your rug frequently. To get rid of dust, alternate between shaking it, going over it with a soft brush and using a vacuum.

Finally, when it comes to choosing a natural rug, remember the following advice: choose the rug with the shiniest hairs, as this is a good indication of quality.