How to Nail Parisian Decor

Parisians have always been known for their decor sense. Learn everything there is to know about this decor style. You'll love it!
How to Nail Parisian Decor

Last update: 06 December, 2019

In our post today, we want to talk about a decor style that reflects an entire city – it’s full of light, elegance, and romance. This intimate decor has influenced every corner of the world. The Parisian decor style has a unique sophistication and draws its inspiration from a history of luxury and wealth.

In recent years, the Parisian decor style has evolved. While it maintains its curved lines and other French elements, it has a modern feel.

Parisian-style homes feel lived in, slightly run-down and imperfect. If you’re a fan of refined decor and want to transform your home into a French Bohemian ambiance, read all of our key tips today.

Architectonic elements

Parisian architectonic

The classic architectonic features that characterize this decor style are moldings. Beautiful plaster ceiling designs are classic. Parisian home ceilings are high, detailed, elegant and very French.

White is most often the color for moldings, walls, and ceilings. But the moldings can also include pops of gold to create a beautiful contrast. They add a historical character to walls. Doors are often very large and, if possible, in pairs. They also feature beautiful moldings and handles.

White and gold moldings really add the French factor to home decor. To nail the look, make sure that you prepare each room properly before adding any other decor accessory.

The Parisian decor style doesn’t use visual focal points. Instead, create spaces with various points of interest in the same room and stay away from symmetry. On another note, metal clawfoot tubs are another must for a Parisian home.

Nailing the right lighting

Parisian lighting

Lighting is another important element in creating Parisian home decor. For this decor style, big, glass, Bohemian light fixtures that hang from high ceilings are a feature.

But remember that they’ll work best alongside natural light. Big, French windows let natural light flow in abundantly.

Mirrors are another essential element for pulling off this decor style. They should be big and antique in addition to having a detailed gold frame. If you can find actual antique pieces, they will work even better.

The Parisian home adores art and antiques more than any other decorative style. Big mirrors should be placed in a way to maximize both artificial and natural light.


Parisian textiles

Textiles play a special role in Parisian decor – checks, stripes, plaid, and diamonds. Black and white are common for upholstery, bed headboards and curtains. They’re also popular for walls, creating a lovely, dramatic decor.

Velvet and button upholstery is also a must. In addition, blues and greens should be the main color choices for your upholstery.

Pastel colors are also very popular choices. Big, button upholstery couches are essential. In addition, big, heavy, velvet curtains are essential — not even in the bathroom.

Decorative accessories

Parisian accessories

Golden accessories are key. Gold shines on mirror or picture frames and other accessories. A hint of gold is a chic classic for this kind of decor.

And Persian rugs get a special mention. Parisian decor flaunts big, beautiful artisan Persian rugs with elaborate details.

The more details, the better. Books also have to make their way into the decor. Take them off your bookcases and strategically place them around your floor or in a corner to make it look like they just happened to be there.

Tie together your room with antiques and art. This chic decor style loves combining both as well as furniture pieces. You can mix classic and contemporary styles together and add in elements from design icons as highlights. Fresh flowers are the final, delicate touch. Set them up everywhere and voilà! You can enjoy your beautiful Parisian home.