How to Decorate a Micro Apartment

In this article, you’ll discover how to decorate a micro apartment with practical and charming solutions. Size is no problem!
How to Decorate a Micro Apartment

Last update: 03 November, 2020

Increasingly more people are living in small houses and apartments. Therefore, it’s a good idea to know how to decorate a micro apartment. In this article, you’ll discover some amazing options.

Although it may be hard to believe, small houses and apartments have their advantages. The key is to find a way to make your micro apartment beautiful, practical, and comfortable.

Therefore, we’ve decided to share general ideas that you can put into practice whatever your style or the shape of your rooms.

How to successfully decorate a micro apartment

A functional desk.

The magic of distribution

It’s important to make sure that each space maintains its own autonomy. You can achieve this with the correct distribution.

Especially in the case of small houses, not having partitions is a great idea to make more space and ensure versatility. In areas where you feel partitions are necessary, such as the kitchen, you can use sliding glass doors that you can close whenever you want.

In this sense, it’s also important to make sure your micro apartment doesn’t have too many passageways and corridors. The more square the environment, the more you’ll be able to maximize the space.

Decorate a micro apartment with custom furniture

Not having enough space means you must discover what your true needs are. Custom furniture will give you the option of meeting them in the best possible way.

Design your own multipurpose pieces of furniture. For example, a piece of furniture you can place under a window to sit on that also has storage space for your books and sheets, etc.

Use the walls

Another decoration idea is to take advantage of the height of the walls to make vertical storage. You can use shelves or furniture to create extra space to place books or files.

The KALLAX shelf unit from Ikea is an excellent choice since you can put it on the floor or install it on the wall, depending on your needs.

Decorate a micro apartment by room

A small kitchen.

The living room

If you live in a micro apartment, it’s best to opt for a single sofa with a chaise lounge instead of several pieces of furniture. For example, this two-seater from El Corte Inglés. As for the coffee table, it’s a good idea to have two small ones instead of one large one.

As for the rest of the decoration, it’s a good idea to use light colors and light curtains that let light in and, if possible, hang a large mirror that lends a sense of spaciousness.

The dining room

If your household is big or you like to host guests, simply opt for a folding table. Also, you can alternate chairs with a bench. If the bench has storage space, you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

The kitchen

It’s best to have only a few objects on display, as too many make rooms look smaller. Vertical storage can be an excellent option.

Another highly recommended choice is going for paneled appliances, as they’ll integrate better with the rest of the decoration and provide continuity.

Don’t rule out having a folding bar. This way, you can have space to eat breakfast or more work surfaces to cook with. When you don’t need it, you can simply store it.

The bathroom

A small bathroom.

If your bathroom is small, it’s best to do without a bidet and bathtub. You may love to take relaxing baths, but bathtubs take up a lot of space. Instead, install a shower with a transparent shower partition.

As for the vanity unit, it’s best to opt for a simple one in light colors. Also, make sure it doesn’t have any legs, as it’ll take up less space. You can find different compact alternatives.

The bedroom

It’s important to place your furniture correctly so it doesn’t get in the way. The bed is the biggest piece of furniture. Thus, you should try to opt for light-colored sheets and headboard. If you want to have more storage space, opt for a storage bed, as it’s the best option for a micro apartment.

When it comes to nightstands, if you don’t have a lot of space, you can put up some floating shelves and lamps that hang from the ceiling above them. This looks great!

Now that you know how to decorate a micro apartment, you can get to work to achieve your dream home.

You don’t have to forgo decorative resources just because your house is small!

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