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Do You Know How Often to Clean the Rooms in Your Home?

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Cleaning all the rooms in your home can be an absolute nightmare. But if you follow our schedule tips here, your life will become much easier. Interested? Keep reading!
Do You Know How Often to Clean the Rooms in Your Home?
Last update: 25 September, 2019

Yes, we know, cleaning the house is one of those infinitely boring chores that never truly ends. The moment you finish cleaning up the kitchen, you have to make some food and it ends up being dirty. So, we wanted to give you some simple tips to stay organized. Read on to learn how often to clean the various rooms in your home!

Cleaning schedules for the various parts of your home

With so much to do in life, it’s no surprise that your to-do list of chores is probably to the point that you don’t know where to begin. You may stumble upon some corners of your home with cobwebs because you’ve left them out of your cleaning routine for a while.

We’ve talked plenty about how important it is to maintain order in your home so that the environment feels fresh and clear. This actually helps you function better, because organization can improve your mood.

You’re probably with us here, in terms of some of the more obvious chores, things you do automatically. But there are also some other ones you might not think much about. Those things start to stack up though, so it can help to have a list of the timing for how often you should clean things.

How often to clean the various rooms in your home


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You should ideally give your bathroom a good clean once a week. As for the toilet, though, you should really try to clean it twice a week. Use an anti-calcium disinfectant to keep it germ-free  (here are some of the best products to use for this room).

When it comes to your shower curtains or door, you should make sure to keep it dry. If you have a door, try to get in the habit of wiping it down with glass cleaner each time you use it, and cleaning it with alcohol once a week.

Keep the curtains drawn whenever you’re not using the shower so the moisture doesn’t build up, and try to clean them once a week. Don’t forget about the rod too, because it can build up grime. Lemon is a great cleaning product for cleaning bathrooms.

Last, give your bathroom tiles a monthly clean to keep them from becoming too dirty. Mop the ones closest to the bathroom and toilet a bit more often because they tend to collect more water and bacteria around them.


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The kitchen is one of the parts of the home that people most frequently have doubts about how often to clean. Here are some answers.

You should be cleaning the things you use a lot (stovetop, counters, sink, etc) every day. They build up lots of germs and bacteria quickly. On top of that, you should also sweep and mop relatively often, depending on how much you use the kitchen. You could do it every day, or every other day. This depends on how often you use the kitchen.

As for all your kitchen appliances, the fridge is the most important. Keep it as clean and organized as possible at all times. Once a week (or however often you go shopping), organize all the food in it and put the things you need to eat soonest towards the front.

Once a month, you should take everything out and give the shelves and inside a good clean. Here are our tips on keeping your fridge organized.  You should clean the oven each time you use it to keep it working properly. Give the hood a quick clean once a week, and a deep clean once a month.

Change your dish towel every two days. You should also boil your dish cloths three times a week. You wouldn’t believe the amount of bacteria that lives in a kitchen.

Living room

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Once a week, you should spend some time making the busiest part of the house shine. Vacuum the floor and the couch and chair cushions. Dust the shelves. Mop the floors. If you have pets, you may need to sweep a couple of times a week (at least) to make sure the hair doesn’t build up.

As for the drapes and rugs, we recommend having them sent for a dry clean a couple of times a year. Make sure to vacuum them every week too, to keep them as clean as possible in the meantime.


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Making your bed every day has some amazing benefits for your overall wellness. Outside of that, you should change your sheets, dust, vacuum, and mop once a week. 

You should wash your pillows too. Yes, you heard right! In fact, you should do it four times a year to make sure no mites get a chance to live in them. Your mattress also needs vacuuming a couple of times a year.

The little things

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This may seem like a long list already, but there are a lot of other little things left to clean. Think about all the windows, appliances, towels, and things like that…But when it comes to house cleaning, there are some things you simply can’t leave out.

  • Replace your towels twice a week and make sure you wash them with similar colors so that they’ll last longer. Here’s a trick: fabric softeners alter the absorption capacity, so you can use salt water to make sure they stay soft.
  • Windows are like the Achilles heel of any cleaning routine. The one day you choose to wipe them down, it will always rain. You can get away with cleaning them about once a month to keep dust and grime from building up.
  • As for all the appliances in your home, it really depends on how often you use them. The important thing is that you don’t forget to clean your washing machine, diswasher, and even your toaster every couple of months.

Cleaning all the different parts of your home can take a long time. But with this list, we hope that your life will become much easier, at least as far as organization goes.