Give Your Home a Warm Feel

To create harmony, comfort, and tranquility, it’s important to enhance a warm feeling throughout your house. Follow these tips and turn your home into a peaceful and cozy haven.
Give Your Home a Warm Feel

Last update: 15 May, 2020

The feelings we get in our home come from the decoration and as well as predominant colors in rooms. That’s why it’s so important to give your home a warm feel. 

Many elements present in our homes have a special meaning to us. This is why a warm atmosphere is always better than a cool one. In other words, we feel a lot better in a home where the colors demonstrate serenity and harmony rather than tension or strain.

It’s important that, when you open your front door each day, you feel good and reassured. Inner wellbeing is a mood-booster and makes us feel a lot happier. To achieve this, it’s important to know how to correctly mix and match all the decorative elements.

Dominant warm colors 

warm colours

A range of warm colors needs to be dominant in each room. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have any other colors besides these.

We have to make one thing very clear, color contrast helps to create a very interesting decoration dialogue.

Of course, you can have other versions, like cool colors, but they need to be anecdotal. If they’re in the spotlight, then you’re disturbing the main decoration elements and won’t achieve the warm feel we’re looking for.

What interests us the most to achieve our goal, are earthy tones placed in the background. We can use those we like. However, we’re going to name a few interesting tones:

  • Yellow – either the so-called brimstone yellow, ivory, or dark Naples, all are great examples of warm atmospheres.
  • Red – we don’t need to use the most striking or intense red, but rather a gentle off-red, like vermillion and redcurrant.
  • Salmon is also an interesting color that tends to brighten up a room.

Make the sofa stand out to give your home a warm feel

warm sofa

The sofa should be the main element around which the living room’s decoration revolves. It needs to be an attractive and eye-catching color. A warm-toned sofa is more relaxing than a cool-colored one.

Brick can be a good color for this type of furniture. As well as being easy to combine with other warm colors, it conveys feelings of serenity, calmness, tranquility, and peace.

Olive or juniper green are other options. They might not be earthy tones, but they are halfway between green and brown.

Also, they tie into a natural atmosphere, as if they had been taken from the countryside, and therefore fit with rustic decoration.

A warm feel through floors and carpets

wool carpet

A wooden floor brings comfort and preserves the heat better than tiles. It has an earthy color that highlights warmth at first sight. You can either leave it bare or use a carpet with tones from the same family:

  • Just like the sofa, you can also use olive or juniper green. In the background, you will already have earthy and natural colors, keeping in mind the floor is made out of wood.
  • What happens if we go for a lighter shade? Other rather unusual tones exist, like darker off-whites which can go well with the floor. This gives a contrast that helps to lighten the room.

Warm lights, of course

warm lights

A warm feel comes primarily from lights. You should avoid those that are white and bright like LED lights used in kitchens. These should not be used in living rooms or bedrooms.

As well as embracing natural light, it’s also interesting to have artificial lighting with warm lights, both from table or ceiling lamps. Even if you have adjustable lamps or simply lightbulbs, they must also be this type.

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