Framing Pictures in 5 Simple Steps

Framing pictures can be easy, but it requires certain steps and details. Following our steps, you can perfectly frame your pictures and decorate your walls beautifully.
Framing Pictures in 5 Simple Steps

Last update: 17 February, 2019

Found a lovely poster at a flea market, or want to frame a picture that you love? Or maybe you’ve finally done a painting of your own. The next step is to learn how to frame your pictures. In our post today, we’ll explain how.

1. Choose a frame

You might have an old frame laying around that’ll look nice with something new inside. Or, maybe you just bought a new one at a store. The frame that you choose should match the room where it’ll hang.

For example, if you have modern decor, look for wooden or decorated frames. If your room is a more classic setting, we suggest using metal or golden frames. Or, you can do just the opposite and innovate! There are all kinds of frames available: thin, thick, decorative corners, embossed, single-colored, multi-colored, etc.

Remember to consider the size of your wall and room as well. If you want your picture to be the centerpiece, choose a big frame, or one that has an eye-catching design. A smaller one can be an accessory rather than the main feature.

2. Choose the photo or picture

Sometimes, we have pictures that we want to display but they don’t match the frame itself. Black and white photos generally go well with antique frames while colorful pictures look great in a more modern, setting, such as wood.

frame 1

3. Select a backing

Your picture doesn’t have to be the same size as your frame. Some people choose to leave a white border. You can make it wider or narrower.

Whatever you decide to do, placing a piece of cardboard or white paper (or another color that you like) that fits perfectly is a good framing technique. Then, carefully place the picture in the center, making sure the border is equal on all four sides.

4. Place the picture in the frame

There should be enough space to fit the picture along with the backing. Some people opt to paste the picture on the backing to keep it fixed while others use a sheet of glass instead.

The order of the framing layers might be (always going from front to back): glass, picture, backing and the wood that holds everything in place. You can omit the last part if you’re using a thick backing.

To finish, secure the wood to the frame. Some models come with special tabs. If not, fit them yourself. It’s easy and you can find them at a home goods store. Nail in a few on each side to make sure that the picture stays in place.

5. Hang the framed picture

Once you’re finished framing your picture it’s time to hang it. If your frame doesn´t have a hook use small nails and string or wire.

Be sure to measure before you hang your picture up so that it hangs exactly as you planned. If you’re using a heavy frame, we recommend using large screws to prevent it from falling.

Framing pictures isn’t complicated; it only takes a few minutes and the results look great. You can decorate your walls without spending a fortune It’s just a matter of getting crafty!