Flowers for Each Sign of the Zodiac

Find out which flowers correspond to each of the zodiac signs. They'll surprise and enchant you!
Flowers for Each Sign of the Zodiac

Last update: 21 March, 2022

Just as the signs of the zodiac have very particular characteristics in terms of their emotions and character, they’re also assigned specific flowers. It’s not that each sign can’t enjoy every aspect of nature, it’s that they identify more with specific flowers because of their color, type of petals, and even stages of growth.

Do you know the ideal flower for you according to your sign? We’ll help you to identify it and describe it so that it’s you who decides whether or not it goes with your character. Use it to decorate your home, your office, or any space where you find yourself and can display it.

Twelve flowers for each sign of the zodiac

There are twelve signs of the zodiac, as well as the months of the year. For this reason, we’re going to tell you about the twelve flowers, one for each sign of the zodiac. Take note and have the one that corresponds to you and feel its energy in your life!

Red roses for Aries

Flowers for Aries are roses.
Flowers for Aries are roses.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries takes the lead and has red roses as its ideal flower. Other signs may also like them a lot and as such, it’s valid that they use them. However, Arians identify with them in particular because they symbolize passion, delicacy, and romance. These qualities identify those born under this sign.

Being a bit impulsive, the rose demonstrates this part of them, but also the very precise way in which they resolve their conflicts. Likewise, they tend to see themselves before others as dominant, intelligent, and capable of facing any situation, similar to the characteristics of red roses.

Flowers for each sign of the zodiac: Taurus and the fleur-de-lis

The fleur-de-lis is a flower that’s little unknown to most people, but it characterizes a very important part of all those born under the Taurus sign. These qualities are light, nobility, generosity, honor, and perfectionism.

All people born under this sign shine wherever they go. In fact, they’re usually people who always stand out for their teamwork, for their perseverance, and their desire to achieve everything they set out to do in life.

Gerberas: flowers for Geminis

With gerberas, something similar happens as with the fleur-de-lis. They’re little known and, therefore, not fully appreciated by people. However, they’re attributed to Geminis as they represent the beauty, harmony, and innocence that characterize this zodiac sign.

Gerberas, like Geminis, are everything we look for in a friendly and loyal person, with characteristics of tranquility and peace. Thus, having these plants in homes and offices helps us to find calm.

Flowers for each sign of the zodiac: Cancer and the beautiful jasmine

Jasmine is a beautiful flower with a soft aroma.
Jasmine is a beautiful flower with a soft aroma.

Jasmine is related to the expression of pure and sweet feelings. These traits represent people born under the sign of Cancer who, with their strong characters, hide the sweetness within. In addition, something curious about this flower is that it’s an exotic and spiritual plant, just as Cancerians tend to be.

On the other hand, jasmine is characterized by having a very sweet and vibrant smell. You’ll notice that the spaces where a person born in Cancer lives always smell good, are organized, and shine with their beauty.

Leo’s flowers: sunflowers

The sunflower is the flower that represents the sun due to its color and shape. It shows us love and admiration for the small and large things that surround us. It also allows us to recognize the responsibilities we have and that we must fulfill them with the best energy.

Those born under Leo, are usually somewhat authoritarian, with a strong character, and who generally take charge of all their responsibilities. You’ll notice that they’re quite similar to sunflowers, they teach us to shine even when we are overwhelmed.

Flowers for each sign of the zodiac: Virgo and orchids

Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers and they represent all those born under the sign of Virgo.

There are different shapes, sizes, and colors depending on their species. They’re the flower of Virginians because they represent the beauty, delicacy, and light that everyone needs in difficult times, without neglecting the elegance they emanate.

Libra: delicate white roses

White roses symbolize purity and balance.
White roses symbolize purity and balance.

Libra is a sign that’s represented by a scale and it’s because they’re balanced people. In addition, their decisions are taken calmly, with reflection, and with the greatest possible transparency.

For this reason, they’re related to white roses, because they’re pure, and evoke the tranquility and balance that identifies this zodiac sign.

Scorpio: the bird of paradise

The bird of paradise (also known as the flower of the bird) is very large and reflects an imposing character–much the same as Scorpios do. This plant is native to South Africa and has a mysterious appearance and is sometimes a bit incomprehensible in terms of its figure.

However, it’s undoubtedly beautiful, strong, and mysterious, just like Scorpios. It must be said that these plants are expensive and very beautiful. So it’s a good idea to have them in a pot and enjoy their natural development.

Sagittarius and the laurel

Reflection is one of the most outstanding characteristics of those born under the sign of Sagittarius. Despite being very intelligent, they always seek to know more, delve deeper, and find various options or answers to their questions.

This plant was used in ancient times to “laureate” the most outstanding characters. The laurel doesn’t have a flower as such, so the lily and the carnation are also recommended for Sagittarians who love a bit of color.

Capricorn and the lily

The lily flower represents the resistance, imposingness, and resilience that all Capricorns have. People of this sign love to stand up in the face of any difficulties they may face.

In addition, lilies are so delicate that they represent the love and passion that Capricorn has towards work. Alongside any other activities that they consider important in life.

For Aquarius: tulips and their colors

Among the flowers for the signs of the zodiac are the tulips, which correspond to Aquarius.
Among the flowers for the signs of the zodiac are tulips, which correspond to Aquarius.

Tulips are one of the most beautiful and sensitive flowers and among all the zodiac signs, best fit the personality of those born under Aquarius. In their shape and color, these flowers are delicate and special, just as Aquarians are. These people show a lot of empathy and sensitivity to those around them.

If you’re an Aquarius, have a garden with tulips and prune them to decorate your home or office. This flower will fill you with a lot of energy and joy.

Pisces and its zodiac flower, the lotus

We finish this selection of flowers for the signs of the zodiac with Pisces– such calm and spiritual people. These are the characteristics that identify Pisceans with the lotus flower, recognized for its resilience, spiritual peace, and tranquility in Asian culture.

In the face of problems or adversity, it’s a good idea for those of this sign to observe one of these flowers. They stand beautiful and firm in really hostile terrain.

Flowers for each sign of the zodiac, which one is yours?

We’ve described the flowers that most resemble and enhance each of the zodiac signs. As you can see, there are very common features, reminding us that everything in the universe is connected. Choose yours according to your month of birth and enjoy the energy it gives you.

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