Floral Bouquets for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is fast approaching! This Sunday, show your mom how much you love and appreciate her with an amazing floral bouquet. Discover our suggestions to surprise your mom.
Floral Bouquets for Mother's Day

Last update: 03 May, 2022

This Sunday, May 8, 2022, is Mother’s Day! Show your appreciation and surprise your mom with some beautiful flowers to celebrate everything she does for you. In this article, we’ll suggest some of the most beautiful floral bouquets that she’s going to love.

Why not use this opportunity to accompany your bouquet with a dinner invitation or as an opener preceding another gift? Either way, flowers are a great way to thank the one person who gave you life, love, support, and guidance.

Surprise your mom on Mother’s Day: floral bouquets

If you’re looking for gift ideas this Mother’s Day, floral bouquets are the go-to option. Moms love flowers and each mom will have her favorite variety. We explain the arrangements that, without a doubt, will brighten mom’s heart.

Bouquet of roses

Give mom a beautiful bouquet of roses on her day.
Give your mom a beautiful bouquet of roses on Mother’s Day.

A bouquet of roses is a firm favorite with all moms. Roses are a symbol of love, admiration, respect, and affection. Without a doubt, your mom will appreciate this gorgeous arrangement.

Choose red, pink, or white roses. Although if your mom has a cheerful spirit and loves color, choose a bouquet that combines various colors. You can include yellow roses for contrast too.

Floral bouquets for Mother’s Day: peonies

Peonies are beautiful flowers with a slight resemblance to roses, which is why they’re so popular. They’re associated with beauty and the union of relationships. Typically, a special meaning is attributed to it according to its color. However, when it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day, the most important thing is that they’re to your mother’s liking.

You can order a bouquet with peonies in different colors like pink, white, lilac, and yellow. In addition, they’ll contrast well with subtle green foliage that allows the chosen tones to stand out. You can even mix them with roses.

Preserved flower bouquet

One of the floral bouquets that you can give to mom can be made up of a colored wedding veil.
One of the floral bouquets that you can give to your mom can include Gypsophila. 

If you want your mom’s bouquet to last a little longer, give her a preserved flower arrangement. She won’t need to put it in a vase of water or give it special care to make sure it lasts for weeks. 

One option is to order a bouquet made up of colored Gypsophilas (also known as baby’s breath). In fact, some florists offer a process that allows these flowers to last for months and ensures they secrete a delicious aroma.

Pink lily arrangement

Lilies have a very special meaning, as it’s said that the flower sprang from the tears of Eve, the first woman created by God. Greek legend indicates that the flower was born from the drops of milk of the goddess, Hera with which she fed her son, Hercules.

This direct relationship between women and mothers makes lilies a very special flower to gift on Mother’s Day. Although they come in different colors such as white, yellow, red, orange, and pink, when it comes to moms, lilies should traditionally be red or pink. It’s also advisable to choose a bouquet that combines these tones.

Potted flowers: azalea

If your mom loves gardening, it’s a great idea to give her a potted azalea. This means that she can take care of it and watch it grow, which is synonymous with what she’s done for you. The end result will be a plant full of love and beautiful feelings.

The azalea is a small evergreen shrub with blooms in red, white, and pink. They’re associated with femininity and procreation, which is why it’s common to give them to mothers or pregnant women.

Live bouquets: orchids

Orchids are elegant and considered the most beautiful flowers in the world.
Orchids are elegant and considered to be the most beautiful flowers in the world.

Following the line of giving living floral bouquets for Mother’s Day, orchids are the clear winners. This plant is considered exotic and significant, of which there are about 24,000 identified species. There are even people who dedicate themselves to collecting them. If your mom already has orchids, try and give her one that she doesn’t already have.

Among the most beautiful flowers in the world, they evoke beauty and glamour. On mother’s day give white, pink, or lilac orchids–you have countless options to choose from.

Which of these flower bouquets will you give on Mother’s Day?

We’ve shared several floral options for you to give your mom on Mother’s Day. Choose the one you like the most and the one that your mom will love too. However you choose to celebrate Mother’s Day, remember that the most special thing about this day is to thank her for her love and dedication.