Feng Shui Colors for Your Bathroom

Know the recommended feng shui colors for your bathroom. Allow positive energy to circulate and radiate your home.
Feng Shui Colors for Your Bathroom

Last update: 25 October, 2021

Feng shui seeks to promote the fluidity of environmental energy. To achieve this goal, this article will focus on the recommended colors for your bathroom. One of the principles of this traditional trend has to do with harmony and the circulation of good vibes. Therefore, alongside your color scheme, it’s also important to consider your design and your use of this space.

According to this ancient oriental guide, your bathroom is a conflictive place. This is because it’s a humid space, often with little natural light, where almost no air circulates. So, based on this philosophy and if you don’t adapt, negative energies can become trapped and will spread throughout the rest of your home.

In this article, we’re going to explain the recommended feng shui colors that’ll help to improve the energy flow in your bathroom.

Feng shui colors for your bathroom walls

The color palette that feng shui recommends for the bathroom is quite wide. However, as research indicates, colors such as red and turquoise are considered toxic in the bathroom, as they saturate the space.

Warm white

Decoration of a luxurious bathroom

Warm white? That’s right! According to feng shui, this refers to white tones that contain an ocher pigmentation, such as beige. These types of tones create a cozy atmosphere, but also allow for the circulation of light, which will make your bathroom look larger than it really is.

Solid white or whites encompassing a dash of blue, are considered to be cold and aren’t the preferred tones to complement this oriental trend in bathrooms.

Yellow: feng Shui colors for your bathroom

Feng shui recommends that you use colors that bring warmth and light to your bathroom. In this case, well-combined yellow creates this atmosphere in the bathroom. However, we mustn’t forget that yellow is an intense color and that its excessive use can saturate the bathroom, just the opposite of what you want to achieve.

You can use it in contrast to other colors such as white, to lower its intensity. In addition, it’s very good in bathrooms where decor in brown tones or wood paneling predominate.


Feng Shui colors for the bathroom.

Green is one of the most used colors in bathrooms for feng shui. It’s a color linked with nature, freshness, and hope, which is why it creates the perfect environment for good energy to circulate. In fact, it’s a common shade in spa-like bathrooms, because it encourages relaxation.

It’s a good idea to combine it with plants that have warm-colored flowers such as orchids. It also goes very well with wood finishes.

Feng shui colors for your bathroom: blue

The lightest range of blue colors, such as sky blue and pastel blue, are used in the feng shui bathroom. Dark blues should never be used. To provide a warmer atmosphere, use warm-colored accessories to complement and contrast your bathroom. You can use decorative elements in cold undertones of blue.

In addition, we can also use solid white which is a very common combination in certain bathrooms. The reason is that blue represents water and harmony, while white represents calm and peace. Together they achieve an atmosphere of serenity.


Lilac bathroom.

Although it’s not common to see lilac in the decor of a bathroom, feng shui recommends it because it’s born from a mixture of cold and warm colors. This creates a balance of energies and provides a different design to the bathroom.

You don’t have to just apply it on the walls, you can use it on different decorative objects such as carpets or curtains.

Mint green

The green color in the bathroom expresses a calm, simple, and very serene environment. According to feng shui, they stand out because they bring us closer to nature and make us feel in harmony. For example, a light green (such as mint green) will look great when it’s combined with brown or wood decor. This will create a classic style that’s elegant at the same time.

Earth colors

Earth tones are the most used in bathrooms because they’re the warmest tone in the color palette. If you’re looking to enhance the warmth in your bathroom and make it a cozy space, this is the best option.

You can play with various earth tones within yellows, oranges, browns, and reds.

Feng shui colors in curtains and bathroom rugs

In addition to the walls, feng shui suggests using colors and patterns in all bathroom accessories and items such as curtains and rugs. It’s convenient to use curtains full of color, with designs and patterns that fill your bathroom with life.

Carpets or rugs are also essential items, as they relate to the earth element. That is, they neutralize the water element that’s represented in the bathroom.

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