Farm Implements for Home Decor

You can use farm implements to create a rustic decor, bringing the countryside into your home setting.
Farm Implements for Home Decor

Last update: 04 November, 2019

Rural decor has been making big waves in interior design thanks to the wide range of resources and designs that it offers. Diving into this variety of decor resources – farm implements are great examples.

Vacation homes, regular homes, renovated barns or stables and sheds can all be great places to use rustic decor with farm implements.

Many restaurants and cafes are fitting them into their decor. But what’s so great about rustic decor? Each decor element reflects the countryside, olden days and a casual atmosphere.

Rustic settings

farm implements rustic

Farm implements transport us to a more relaxed space that’s rustic. They create an interesting setting because they’re curious pieces that differ greatly from everyday household items.

Farm implements remember the tools that people once used on farms. Once functional pieces, they’ve become “sculptures” that form part of museum displays.

In other words, using farm implements in home decor is putting the tools from country life on display, creating a uniquely beautiful setting.

— The rural world offers decor possibilities very different from the ones we find in cities. —

Common decor implements

farm implements decor

The farm implements that have the strongest presence in decor are:

  • Wooden hay-rake: people used hay-rakes for harvesting. In decor, you can hang this tool on a wall in a slant with its head upwards. Or, you can flip it around, hanging it so that the handle faces upwards instead.
  • Yoke: yokes attached to livestock. You can hang them in your setting upright. If your yoke has chains or hooks, use them to fix the yoke in place.
  • Grain measure: set it up on a stand or table. Create a stronger country feel by adding a handful of dried wheat or barley.
  • Thresher: hang it on a wall or set it up horizontally on top two supports. The stone-side should always be facing upwards. Try covering the stones with a glass sheet to make a table, giving it a new function.
  • Sifter: people made sieves by attaching a wire sieve to a wooden frame to sift grain. They have a porthole window-feel to them.

Livestock tools

farm implements likestock

If you focus on livestock, there are certain tools that really remind us of cattle and horses. So what are they?

  • Harnesses and related items: you can hang harnesses for horses or cattle on your walls. Here are some examples: saddles, spurs, yoke harnesses and even cow or bull horns.
  • Horseshoes: horseshoes are a must. Hang them on hooks on your walls and ceiling beams.
  • Cowbells: you can use cowbells to decorate by hanging them from your walls and beams as well.

Implements to set up on the ground

farm implements ground

Not all of the tools go on walls, beams or ceilings. You can also set some of them up on the floor:

  • Plow: put this in a corner of the room. Its curious shape will turn heads.
  • Sharpening stone wheel: these antique tools used stones 40 centimeters in diameter that were 10 centimeters wide. People sat at the wheel and used the pedal to increase the speed of the wheel.
  • Kitchen utensils: copper pots, metal frying-pans, grills, etc. Any kitchen utensil can work in your decor.
  • Other types of furniture: wooden tables and chairs. Iron is also an option but remember that the main color in rustic decor is brown.

Summing up, you have many options and can take different approaches to farm implements for your home decor. Try looking through antique stores or talking with people who live in the countryside to find these pieces.

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