Fall Decor - Three Wonderful Ideas

Let the fall come into your home with these three decor ideas.
Fall Decor - Three Wonderful Ideas

Last update: 14 October, 2019

It’s time for fall decor! The shades of brown, orange and yellow are finally here and all around us. We’re beginning to see the reds and yellows on the trees and their dry leaves on the ground, as well as people wearing their jackets.

This time of the year is a favorite of many people. The landscapes are spectacular and the temperatures quite pleasant for the most part. Don’t you feel like you want to feel all of this when you’re at home? Stick around if so, we’re about to tell you how to wrap yourself in fall.

All the tips below are simple and you could even get your little ones to help you carry out the projects. They’ll love to be a part of the interior design team as it’s a fun way to spend time with you and the rest of the family.

Not only that, but these pieces are quite inexpensive to make. All of the materials for these projects can be either recycled goods or things you may already have in your storage room. 

Ok, we’ll begin to tell you how to bring fall into your home decor.

1. Centerpieces

A set of decorated glass jars.

The first thing you’ll have to do is go for a walk through the woods or a park. In these places, you’ll be able to gather materials. This is a great family activity.

Collect anything you think you can use in your fall composition. For example, dry leaves in various colors and sizes, pine cones, and small branches together would make a lovely composition.

Once you have all your materials find a tray or an old pot or some sturdy cardboard to make the base for your centerpiece Consider adding candles to it all, just arrange them so that they won’t set fire to the materials as soon as you light them.

Now, the only thing left to do is to put it all together. Mix and match your elements and you’ll be ready to glue them all as soon as you find the composition you most like.

2. Pumpkins

A decorated pumpkin.

Fall is also the time of year when people harvest pumpkins. Once you’re done making tasty pies and roasting the seeds, you’ll have the perfect shell to use as a base for a home decor arrangement. You could also use a plastic or ceramic one, but that’s less fun. However, do consider one if you don’t intend to consume the pumpkin pulp. The main advantage of these is you can store them and use them again for many years to come.

Another thing you can do is to choose a pumpkin variety that dries out without rotting and thus remains intact for a long time. There are many sizes, colors, and shapes out there so you can create many fun compositions for any corner of your home.

Due to their variety of sizes and shapes, you can use them as they are in any place in your house. The favorite spots for them are in the hall or near the entrance, the kitchen, and the living room. Of course, you could also make a table centerpiece with them.

Fill your pumpkin shells with dried leaves, autumn fruits or just with a few small branches. Yes, it’s that easy to create a fall composition.

3. Fall decor is all about dried leaves and flowers

An assortment of dried flowers.

We love dried flowers and they go well with any fall decor. In addition, they’re versatile to work with because you can use them to create all sorts of arrangements. Here are a couple of ideas to integrate them into your home decor.

  • Framed dried flowers are perfect for any part of your house as they’ll completely brighten a spot. Plus, you’ll have a unique piece created by you. Select the flowers you want to dry then place them between newspaper sheets and then put a heavy object on top. Leave them for a few days and voilà, your flowers are ready for a frame.
  • Bouquet of flowers. You can keep that bouquet of flowers that a loved one gave you for that special occasion. Just hang it upside down and apply lacquer, let it dry overnight and repeat the process for a few days. It’s now ready for a special place.

As you can see, bringing fall into your home decor is very simple. Just collect a few objects and let your imagination go. Don’t wait too long to flood your home with the spirit of this season.

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