Everything you Need to Know about Shabby Chic

This is the style that has managed to win the hearts of decor lovers everywhere.
Everything you Need to Know about Shabby Chic

Last update: 28 January, 2021

You may have heard about shabby chic style on many occasions. But what is it? Well, it’s a style that combines vintage and classic with modern accents. 

Everything you need to know about shabby chic


Inspired by English traditions, shabby chic is “in” this season. It has managed to win the hearts of  decor  lovers by bringing a subtle romance to the ambiance of the house. 

In today’s post, we will tell you all you need to know about this style. We’ll also give you some style ideas so you can use it to decorate.

If you haven’t yet decided on a style for your home, shabby chic is a great option! 


The origin of shabby chic is the era of the great country houses of Great Britain. The name incorporates two words. “Shabby”, that means worn or disheveled, and “Chic”, which refers to something elegant, refined or distinguished.

Its main feature is that it mixes old and modern pieces to give a specific feel to different rooms. To do this it relies on classic decorations that provide a sophisticated look but it also has a feminine feel.

Shabby chic origin

Shabby colors for chic ambiance

The colors that stand out in this style of decorating are pastels. Light blue, mint green and pink are common in homes with this decor. The so-called “candy colors” characterize shabby chic. They fit perfectly and give a soft air to any room.

However, the most dominant color for this style is white. It’s used for almost everything. Walls, furniture, accessories, textiles, etc. thereby inspiring a greater sense of spaciousness. The color also produces a warmer and more welcoming feel.

Beige is also commonly used instead of white. As you know, white gets dirty very easily. People who have children or pets may find it difficult to keep things clean. Beige offers the same feel as white but is a bit easier to maintain. 

Shabby chic colors

Flowers: we want flowers

As we already said, the predominant colors of this style are pale colors and pastels. Adding flowers is perfect when it comes to this style. Many of them come in the very colors we use to decorate. Flowers add to the chic side of shabby chic. They are an absolute must-have in this decor style.

The prominent floral motif of this style comes from its origin. As we mentioned before, the style is inspired by the English countryside. Therefore, natural pieces such as flowers and plants play an important role.

We can incorporate flowers using fresh bouquets of whatever flowers match the decor. Flowers can also feature in pictures, paintings and on prints. They can be on the wallpaper, duvet covers, cushions, carpets, and even dishes. Flowers bring an air of romance to every setting. Shabby chic does this too.

Shabby chic with flowers

Shabby chic furniture: old becomes new

The good thing about shabby chic is that you have total freedom in choosing the furniture. You can set your imagination and creativity free here. A trend that has emerged with this style is to customize your own furniture. You can restore older pieces or use more modern ones. Dare to mix different materials and patterns. Be original and surprise all your guests.

You can also mix furniture of different styles. This won’t detract from your shabby chic decor. The important thing is that each piece has personality. Pieces with wrought iron or copper detail are a plus when choosing furniture for this style. However, the furniture that is used the most for this style is made of wood. 

Create soft shapes

Also, notice that the furniture has rounded and soft lines. A piece of furniture that is too rectangular or square interrupts the subtle aesthetic of shabby chic. Keep in mind the rooms should have a vintage feel. Therefore, make sure they have a slightly worn and imperfect touch.

An idea for the bedroom is to use a headboard made of solid wood or metal with a bit a wear. If you combine this with a floral duvet cover, you will be on target with this style.

We recommend that you go to thrift shops or antique dealers to find pieces for your shabby chic decor. Besides being less expensive, you will likely find a variety of furniture that you can touch up and adapt to your taste.

Shabby chic furniture

Shabby chic is one of our favorite styles. Looking for modern uses for something old is one thing we are passionate about. Go ahead and touch up your home with this style. Let shabby chic seduce you!