Enhance Your House With An Indoor Water Fountain

An indoor water fountain is a decorative object that helps you with daily stress. The sound of falling water has relaxing effects.
Enhance Your House With An Indoor Water Fountain

Last update: 20 January, 2021

If you’re a lover of zen decoration, relaxed environments, and calm spaces, an indoor water fountain might be what you’re looking for to fill your home with your personality.

Certainly, there’s nothing better than arriving home after a hard day’s work to an enclosed natural space. The sound of falling water helps you relax and reconnect with yourself.  

This type of decorative object can do a lot for you and your house. Discover some elegant examples of how to give your house that fresh feeling.

A peaceful home thanks to an indoor fountain

Small Fountain

Surely you have heard about slow deco. It’s all about making your house a temple. Turning it into a place where you can fully relax, where you can be yourself, and also a place where you can revitalize your energy.

Living with your family, having open and light spaces with smooth colors. That’s what you need to calm and relax when you arrive home.

Similarly, the Feng Shui philosophy is about how to create harmonic and calm spaces through the arrangement of furniture, materials, and colors. Therefore, indoor water fountains are particularly useful for this.

Feng Shui indoor water fountain


Some of the recommendations from Feng Shui are: don’t accumulate a lot of objects and don’t keep things that don’t work in your house. So, before buying an indoor fountain, think about if you’re going to use it or not.

Ok, you’ve already decided to get one. So, bear in mind that it not only has to be pretty but you must also find  the sound that it makes pleasant. Take into consideration that if you don’t turn on the fountain, the energy doesn’t flow. 

There are many places where it’s advisable to place a water fountain. For example, in the areas where you socialize, you can take advantage of the energy that’s transmitted. Other examples are the living room, the dining room, the hall, or even a corridor.

Also, you can check the Bagua map and locate where the prosperity area in your house is and install the fountain there. This is a way of trying to make things flow smoothly and abundantly.

On the contrary, it’s not advisable to place them in bathrooms, kitchens, or bedrooms. If you place it in your bedroom, it’ll disrupt your sleep.

Contributions of an indoor water fountain


When you hear the sound of falling water, your brain fills with pleasant feelings and you achieve a high level of relaxation. Moreover, direct contact with nature is very important to our well-being. It’s even better when you have elements in your house that remind you of nature. They can be plants, flowers, paintings, or indoor fountains.

You can create a meditation corner with soft light, a blanket, incense, and a fountain that helps you breathe easily, leaving your problems behind.

Space isn’t a problem. You can find a lot of indoor fountains with different designs and shapes – many are small and pretty.

Everything linked to Japanese decoration has a touch of elegance that adds harmony to every area. With a fountain, you’ll create a zen design in your rooms. 

Some indoor water fountains

Indoor Fountain
  • In Leroy Merlin, you’ll find this rock fountain with LED lights. It measures 35 x 22 x 18 cm and it costs around $50.
  • This one from Verdecora is particularly innovative. It’s in the shape of a cactus and it’s available in pink and green. It’s round, it only measures 56 x 36 and it costs around $20.
  • On Amazon, you can find a lot of different options. There are Buda fountains, some with space for plants and some with lights.

As you can see, indoor water fountains can add a lot to your home decoration. They can transform it into a zen, sophisticated and peaceful place.

You’ll experience a high level of relaxation when listening to the sound of falling water. Your brain will cut off, even for a couple of minutes.