Discover Why it's Worth Considering a White Bedroom

Find out about the sensations associated with white bedrooms and why it's worth considering this color for your room.
Discover Why it's Worth Considering a White Bedroom

Last update: 05 December, 2021

Having a white bedroom has many advantages. Contrary to what many people may think, it offers the possibility of decorating in multiple ways and it’s in no way a boring color! In this article, we’re going to share the feelings that it transmits, as well as the less positive aspects that you should also consider.

This, taking into account that your bedroom is an intimate space where you sleep, rest, and spend time alone or with your partner. Whatever the case, it’s a personal place, so the color of your walls shouldn’t be decided lightly.

The white color and its sensations

White sensations.

According to the psychology of color, white has several positive implications. It evokes purity, cleanliness, peace and tranquility. Experts point out that it helps purify the mind and keep you positive. It’s amazing that a tone like this conveys so much.

The great advantage of white is that it’s a blank canvas and if you use other colors, textures, or accessories in the right measure, you won’t lose this sensation. By using it on the walls of your bedroom, rest assured that you’ll be able to sleep better.

For example, if you live in a city with a hot climate, having a white bedroom will help the space feel cooler and this allows you to rest better.

Advantages of having a white bedroom

Among the many advantages of using white on your bedroom walls, there are two that stand out a lot. The first has to do with light: this neutral tone enhances natural lighting, preventing you from having to rely on spotlights to carry out your tasks. This way, you’ll also enjoy a significant saving on your energy bill.

The second advantage that stands out is how easy it is to decorate. Decorative objects in all kinds of colors go well with white walls. Wooden furniture stands out just as well as metal. The same goes for bedding, rugs, and curtains.

But, don’t think that these are the only advantages of having a white bedroom! It’s also the ideal tone for small spaces and for those without windows. Not only does it make them look brighter, it makes them appear visually larger than they actually are.

Tips for using white in your bedroom

white color advantages

White is one of the colors that offers more alternatives and advantages. Here are some tips that can be useful when painting with this color. Take note!

  • White is the best base color and allows you to play with other colors. However, when combined with other cool colors you have to balance it out a little. A good option is to use wooden furniture to highlight all the tones.
  • If your room has dark floors, the white color on the walls will highlight this tone without making your bedroom look dark. On the contrary, it’ll give it more life. The same goes for dark ceilings or window frames.
  • Use it to refresh an older, more traditional bedroom or use it in combination with exposed brickwork. The result is incredible, it’ll seem as if you’re sleeping in a completely different place.
  • If you’re looking for natural decor, white is essential. This color combines very well with natural fibers, ethnic fabrics, and wrought iron.
  • Using white furniture in a bedroom of this same color gives a feeling of calm and light. If you’re looking for tranquility, you can also add this tone to your accessories and furniture.

The downside

Since nothing is perfect–not even the color white, we’ll tell you about the disadvantages that it has when you use it in your bedroom. However, remember that everything has a solution when you see it from another angle.

  • The white color in bedrooms can become boring and monotonous, especially if you prefer simple decor without pictures, extra furniture, or carpets–elements with which this tone is enhanced.
  • If you don’t combine it with other colors or only combine it with cold colors, it can give a feeling of total sobriety.
  • Being the biggest disadvantage, white walls do tend to get dirty and show the dirt easily. However, it’s recommendable to purchase a washable paint. This makes it easier to remove stains, without affecting the tone or the wall.

Do you want to have a white bedroom?

Having a white bedroom has more advantages than disadvantages. As a summary of this article, if you’re looking to design a room that offers you calm, tranquility, and peace of mind, white is the color you need. Go ahead and try some of the combinations we’ve suggested and escape monotony!