Discover the Interior Designs of Diana Huete

We would like to dedicate this post to one of our favorite Spanish interior designers: Diana Huete. You can read all about her and her work in this article. 
Discover the Interior Designs of Diana Huete

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Diana Huete is an incredible interior designer. She is the creative and talented mind behind the brand Bondian Living. 

For more than 15 years, Huete has designed extraordinary living spaces and stunning creations in hotels and restaurants. A Spanish national with Philippine origins, Huete received first-class training in interior design in Madrid and New York. She was greatly inspired by her international studies so these reflect her style.

Huete’s designs are daring. They have a lot of personality. Exotic and ethnic tones are evident in all her work, born from her international inspiration.

Bondian Living

A room designed by Bondian Living.

Together with Patrick Wünsche, Diana Huete opened an architectural and design studio in Madrid more than 10 years ago. She then opened Bondian Living in 2013, located in an old palace on Mallorca, where Huete still lives today. The island is the creative inspiration for her Mediterranean style that is full of warmth and color.

Bondian Living offers its own line of furniture, adorned with beautiful fabrics made by international brands. Under this brand, the artists have also created an unforgettable collection of decorative accessories.

Huete’s cosmopolitan and Mediterranean style has captivated the world of interior design. 

Key features of Diana Huete’s style

A room designed by Diana Huete.

Diana Huete’s cosmopolitan Mediterranean style uses light and neutral colors, complemented by perfectly matched accessories and other colorful components. She is an expert in mixing different materials and looks.

Her style is also very eclectic and the materials she works with come from all corners of the world. These include the fabrics, furniture, and accessories that she came across on her travels.

Together with the high-quality material she uses, this style is what creates her very personal designs.

A diverse client base

A beautifully designed bedroom.

Diana Huete has completed design projects for many celebrities. These include Isabel Preysler and her family, and well-known sports personalities. However, her Madrid studio mainly works with Spain-based clients and local people.

Huete is passionate about experimenting with textures and styles, adding a personal touch, and playing with light, comfort, and harmony. For Huete, each space is unique and incomparable.

Diana Huete’s Honucai hotel

A picture of Hotel Honucai.

One of the biggest challenges for Huete is redesigning an entire house without losing any of its original identity and personality.

One project that Huete has finished is the Hotel Honucai in Mallorca. This project aimed to create a design that would provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for guests. On one hand, the hotel’s decorative design plays with a Mediterranean, fresh and colorful style. On the other hand, the nautical atmosphere evokes a sense of relaxation and freedom.

This boutique hotel has become, thanks to Huete’s magic, one of the most well-known hotels on the island. She had dreamt of this project since starting in interior design because this type of hotel is undoubtedly something that many interior designers dream about.

This was a challenge for Huete, but her execution of this project was creative, flawless, daring, and personal. Her designs provoke emotion because they reflect the location of this wonderful hotel.

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