Dining Room Styles: 3 Concepts with Different Decor

We'll give you some ideas for decorating your dining room. Take a look!
Dining Room Styles: 3 Concepts with Different Decor

Last update: 20 January, 2019

In the following article, we’ll give you 3 concepts for different dining room styles. You can find the most suitable style for your house.

Regardless of the style you choose, it’s important to get the right division of space with an area for the living room and another for meals.

In addition to good organization, you should also make sure there is visual continuity. You can achieve this in a very simple way: thinking of each zone as a set. Therefore, you can choose the same materials and furniture for each set.

You can also use complementary colors to paint the walls, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Obviously, you should opt for a common decorative style throughout the entire room. Otherwise, there would be too much of a visual shock. Even with similar decoration, you can still create clear distinctions in the space.

These guidelines can be applied without a problem to open kitchens. In these cases, the kitchen usually opens directly onto the living room or dining room.

Next, we’ll give you some concepts of dining room styles to inspire you.

1. Industrial dining room styles

Although this style reminds us of lofts and industrial buildings in big cities like New York, you can use it in flats and apartments.

Dining room styles can vary greatly.

First, it’s ideal if you have one brick wall, even if they’re slightly irregular or not completely the same color.

You should also try to have antique furniture and metallic touches. This type of furniture is very easy to find in vintage or second-hand stores.

As for colors, the most typical of this style are white, black, gray, brown, beige, and blue. Try to incorporate colors into the furniture and textiles as well, such as cushions or sofa covers. Remember that carpets are good options to separate environments.

However, curtains aren’t traditional in this style. Large windows are essential, with glass covered with a metal structure.

In one part of the room, you can place a coffee table made with pallets (you can do it yourself!). Another option is hanging metal lamps or a floor lamp. Both options will be helpful when separating the two environments.

2. Dining room concepts in the Nordic style

To get dining room styles similar to the Nordic feel, IKEA is a great ally. In recent years, this style has become more and more popular.

Nordic style keeps things minimal. Therefore, it’s ideal if you like a feeling of spaciousness and order. In addition, light in fundamental.

There are a variety of options for dining room styles.

Something simple you can do is use white in both furniture and textiles, as well as the wall. Choose furniture and simple accessories with straight lines. If you want, you can add some touches of colors or other materials, such as copper, which is becoming increasingly fashionable.

As for furniture, don’t forget that it should be made of wood. The more natural and simple, the better. The same is true of floors.

In addition, to create visual continuity, you can choose a tablecloth of the same color as the chair cushions or the carpet. These are small touches but can make a big difference.

3. A more bohemian feel

In the last of our dining room styles, colors and prints will be key. Colors that stand out are fuchsia, purple, orange, mustard yellow, and deep blue.

To avoid creating an overcharged environment, you can opt for light-colored walls and furniture. Then, choose accessories (textiles with interesting motifs, photo frames, or household items) with bright and vibrant colors.

One of many dining room styles is bohemian.

In addition, you can create areas low to the ground, with carpets, rugs, puffs, and cushions. As for furniture, look for things that are a bit worn and made with natural fibers.

On the other hand, try to use handmade accessories and ornaments, such as candles, bowls, or dream catchers.

Finally, don’t forget plants in your dining room. They’ll give your room a touch of naturalness and freshness.


Sometimes, having two rooms together can be uncomfortable, as you lose some intimacy. However, with a correct separation of space, you can have two equally comfortable spaces.

Also, remember that to separate the two environments, you can use carpets, lamps, shelves, or the sofa itself. This way you’ll be able to have the dining room clearly defined and you can try out dining room styles.

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