Different Types of Free-Standing Coat Racks

Our lifestyles demand resources designed to contribute to home organization. Learn more about the different types of free-standing coat racks and how they'll help you to stay organized!
Different Types of Free-Standing Coat Racks

Last update: 01 June, 2023

We should decorate the entrance of our homes with items that not only look good but also favor functionality. To help you get organized, we’re going to discuss free-standing coat racks.

Moreover, saving space has become even more important. This is why we’re going to delve into free-standing coat racks and we’ll also look at some wall-mounted examples too.

When it comes to furnishing our homes, we usually resort to the typical elements, items, and furniture to help meet our needs. As a general rule, we all choose resources that contribute a practical and unique touch.

Simple and straightforward free-standing coat racks

Types of coat racks

We can find many different variants of coat racks in stores and online, but, normally, basic ones are the best fit. This is due to their simple and practical appearance, leading to a functional result that suits our needs.

Traditional free-standing coat racks usually have a robust structure and they’re designed to fit in corners next to a wall. These are efficient, favor your decor, and provide a service.

Available in different materials, you can choose from wood, metal, PVC, and plastic. However, free-standing coat racks can take up more space.

Tree trunk-shaped coat racks

Another type of coat rack you can consider for space-saving is a wall-mounted one. Tree trunk-shaped coat racks include the following characteristics:

  • A firm and basic structure that serves as the central axis. This must be fixed securely to the wall and it can be adapted to fit on any surface, be it plaster or brick.
  • Tree trunk-shaped coat racks have different arms that form branches pointing in an oblique direction. It looks like a dry tree without leaves.
  • Nature to embody your space provides an organic aesthetic concept, especially when this type of coat rack is made from real wood.

Racks for bathrooms

In the bathroom, we need somewhere where we can hang towels and bathrobes. A coat rack is a great alternative to hooks and will help you organize this room.

If space is at a premium, try a wall-mounted wooden or metal rack that can be fixed to the wall or tiles. In turn, you can add hooks and rings to the rack to make it even more practical.

Choose a specific color to match your decor along with a material that complements the rest of your bathroom.

Coat racks made from pallets

One way to combine informality with sophistication is through recycling and reusing. Items such as pallets are perfect for this as they offer so many possibilities.

Simple and cheap to make, just sand the surface, varnish it, and apply color if you wish. Next, place some metal hooks on the surface that’ll allow you to hang your coats from them.

These can be made to the size and shape you want too. They’re ideal for housing several garments, even caps or hats if necessary. They’ll make a positive contribution and take up less space. Moreover, they’ll draw attention, especially to their shape.

Coat racks to suit your decor

Both wall-mounted and free-standing coat racks are more than appropriate for any home. No matter what size or structure you choose, they provide functionality. However, always try to use materials and colors that complement and generate a distinctive meaning.

You can also hang horseshoes, decorative farm implements, bottles, baubles, or any other object that’ll attract attention and add to your theme. This will contribute to the setting and helps you apply a more curious and unique touch. Keep in mind that if you place your coat rack at the entrance of your home, it’ll be the first thing you and your guests see.

No matter the coat rack you choose and the design it has, the important thing is that it contributes positively to your lifestyle. Shop around, measure your space, and choose the best one to suit your needs.

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