The Most Beautiful Decorative Prints for your Walls

If you want to give your walls a personal touch, these decorative prints are perfect. Discover our favorites and prepare to fall in love!

Last update: 26 February, 2022

Paintings, prints, and decorative objects have always been wonderful companions for home decoration. In this article, we’re going to look at decorative prints for your walls and discover how they can beautify your spaces.

Here, you’ll have the possibility of discovering some artists who offer their work in this cheaper, more democratic format and are capable of transmitting your personality.

The charm of decorative prints for your walls

Making beautiful print compositions on your walls, choosing the right colors, and learning how to illuminate different spaces are, without a doubt, the master touches. This is what makes your home look like one from a magazine.

If you enjoy looking for special pieces to give your home more character, but you can’t afford to buy expensive and original works of art, these proposals will help. All of these prints are by artists who make wonderful illustrations and can be yours for less than you imagine.

A wall full of paintings.

Decorative prints depicting nature

A passion for color and flowers make Marina Benito an essential artist if you want to decorate your walls. On the website pages that bear the same name, you have a section where you can purchase both original works and prints in A4 and in limited edition.

A place full of art

If you haven’t heard of Enou, we advise that you visit their website and prepare to be seduced. Its physical store is located in Ourense, Spain, but thanks to the internet, you can have whatever you want in your own home, at the click of a button.

They sell jewelry, clothing, home accessories, and of course, prints. They bring together several very interesting artists so you can take a look to see which one you identify with the most. The work of Joana Santamans, for example, makes us fall in love.

Prints with messages

Laura Tova is a Galician who defines herself as an illustrator of senses and emotions. According to their website, Laura says:

“Among other things, I make the everyday dreamlike, the land in value, the woman in visibility and the human being in the wild”.

Combining creative art with social projects, Laura loves hosting workshops for both adults and children.

Monstrously cute wall art

Alfonso Casas is an illustrator who decided to talk about his inner monsters and produce them in print. He also has a comic in which he addresses anxiety, depression, and insecurities.

If you like this modern and forceful style, hang one of these prints on the walls of your living room or office. You’ll more than likely identify with at least one of their proposals.

The works of Coco Dávez

Behind this versatile artist is Valera Palmeiro, whose chromatic universe never goes unnoticed. For this reason, and because of her talent, she’s worked for firms such as Kenzo, Dior, Prada, Puma, and Nespresso.

If you want to own a piece of her, her Faceless collection presents faceless characters, easily recognizable and with their particular stamp of identity. This is pure magic for lovers of the pop style.

Design lovers: decorative prints for your wall

Gonzalo Muiño is an impeccable graphic designer with an elegant and optimistic proposal. His work is between fashion and children’s illustrations. According to him, even sadness can have its share of beauty.

Give life to your home

Halls with carpets.

These artists interpret life and their works are wonderful. They can be yours to beautify any of your environments.

With these decorative prints for your walls, you can give life to your home. As you can see, there are very different proposals, depending on your style.

Prints are the best way to fill your room with art and differentiate yourself from the rest. Also, you can use them to make your home a personal and charming refuge.