Decor from A to Z

Here's our guide to decor from A to Z. Know all the terms and words associated with interior design and understand where they're applied.
Decor from A to Z

Last update: 04 January, 2022

Suddenly, you have the decor bug and no matter how hard you try to follow the latest trends, there are so many alien words to consider that you feel overwhelmed. This is why we’re going to provide you with a terminology reference guide of decor from A to Z. After reading this, wabi-sabi won’t sound like Chinese and you’ll understand the role that the ottoman plays.

Get ready to become a decor expert! From this moment on, you’ll understand decor terminology and learn when and how to apply it.

Decor from A to Z: interior design terminology and references

Art deco bedroom.
Art deco bedroom /

Art deco: if there’s something in this trend that emerged in the 1920s, it’s glamor and elegance in equal measure. This artistic movement rejected the conventional and is a nexus between the modernity of the industrial era with more artisan designs and materials.

Boiserie: wooden furniture that covers an entire wall and has cupboards and drawers from top to bottom. You’ve probably seen them in the great halls and libraries of classical buildings. Equally, the wood is usually of very good quality and with a thick finish.

Chaise Longue: a type of L-shaped sofa that has an area in which you can stretch your legs comfortably.

Daybed: a wide, backless sofa, which can also be used as a bed. It’s used to decorate both living rooms and bedrooms.

Shroud: refers to the fold that we make in the top sheet of a bed and on the part that touches the face.

Laterne: a glass bell that’s usually used to protect a valuable object. Do you remember the rose in Beauty and the Beast?

Glamily: fusion of the concepts of glamor and family. They’re spaces designed for the family that are practical and adapted to everyone, but without sacrificing elegance.

Hack: this verb comes from the English language and it means to modify. Although at first it only referred to computer language, it’s been expanded. In decor, it’s used when a design is transformed. Like this article where we talk about Ikea hacks.

The magic of vocabulary

Spring deco trends
Japandi style bedroom

Ikat: an Asian textile technique that creates color patterns by dyeing its threads. Knots are made and the dye only penetrates the free tissues.

Japandi: this is a decor style that mixes Japanese decoration and Scandinavian style.

KonMarie: the technique of order that Marie Kondo has created that’ll allow you to have peace of mind, at the same time as an organized and beautiful home.

Linoleum: a type of material used mainly for floor coverings and made from solidified linseed oil.

Mezzanine: a partially open floor that doesn’t occupy all of the room space, creating a dynamic distribution of the environment.

Naïf: French term that refers to a type of art or style characterized by innocence, naivety, and spontaneity.

Ottoman: a bench, sofa or divan that doesn’t have arms or a backrest. The design is upholstered and padded.

Patinated: painting technique that’s applied to wood, wrought iron or metal, to give an aged finish.

Decor from A to Z: become a decor expert

Decorative resources made of jute
Jute | Image:

Quicio: part of the doors or windows where the wood or the axis to which the leaves are attached is inserted, so that they can be opened and closed.

Raw: we attribute this adjective to a style based on the beauty of natural materials.

Shaker: a decorative style that arises from an 18th-century sect that sought functionality, utility, order, and craftsmanship.

Tartan: this is Scotland’s characteristic checkered woolen fabric that’s used for different upholstered items.

Upcycled : the term that we use when we recycle something to make new materials that are more elaborate or better quality than the original.

Vintage: read the following article where you’ll know the difference between old, retro, and antique. The latter must have been manufactured at least 20 years ago and must be representative of its time.

Xiloprotector: this product protects wooden outdoor furniture.

Jute: a very resistant natural fiber that’s used to make rugs, baskets, lamps, and even furniture.

Zaguán: the entrance area of a house or a building that functions as a hall.

After reading our reference guide of decor from A to Z you can now incorporate these terms into your own vocabulary.

From now on, your passion for interior design, furniture, and decor will be clear.

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