Decor Accessories for Your Home Theater

If you want to enjoy your own home theater, you only need to gather some basic elements. Decorate with originality and style with the right pieces.
Decor Accessories for Your Home Theater

Last update: 29 November, 2019

More and more people are creating their own home theater. The main reason behind the trend is that people want to enjoy movies in a more comfortable and private space.

Some opt to set up their home theater in a spare room while others create a multi-purpose room where they can enjoy a nice cinematic experience. Regardless of where you want to set up your home theater, you’ll need the right decor accessories to give it a fun, original decor while keeping comfort to a max.

How can you set up a home theater?

If you want your own home theater, you’ll first need to consider the basics:

  • Projector, sound, and lighting (screen, speakers).
  • Seating (couches, chairs, armchairs, lounge chairs).
home theater basics

The importance of lighting

In addition to the previously mentioned basic elements, lighting plays a crucial role in a theater setting. You should have thick curtains that can block natural light completely when you’re watching a movie.

Furthermore, instead of strong spotlights, dim lights will work much better in this kind of setting. These don’t have the same intensity that spotlights do and won’t distract you from the screen.

Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t watch movies completely in the dark. Instead, always have at least one small dim light in the room to prevent your eyes from working too hard to see the movie.

And of course, the distance between the screen and the viewer is another important aspect to keep in mind. Make sure that the screen isn’t too close or too far away.

Theater decor accessories!

home theater accessories

Once you’ve considered all the basic elements for setting up a home theater, it’s time to analyze your room and the possibilities that it offers for decor. The decor style you can apply will depend on your space. What kind of decor accessories can you use in a home theater? Here are some ideas:

  • Bean bags.
  • Vinyl decals with fun themes.
  • Special edition movie posters.
  • Figurines of your favorite movie or video game characters.
  • Cushions in different sizes and colors.
  • Celebrity photos or pictures of famous movie scenes.
  • Candy machines or jars (for a pop of color and fun decor).
  • Rugs (large rugs that are nice and soft if possible).
  • Shelves (to hold your movie collection).
  • Coffee table to hold drinks and popcorn.

You don’t need a lot of decor accessories to pull off a solid decor that creates a comfortable setting. You just need to make the pieces you have work.

In fact, even if you have only a few perfect pieces, you can create fantastic decor for your home theater.

Other decor options

Instead of decorating your home theater with a certain theme, such as a movie, you can try using fun, unusual objects or things that reflect a hobby instead.

For example, many sports fans decorate their home theaters with belongings like hats, balls, jerseys, trophies, autographs, trading cards and the like.

Or, some people opt for more casual decor. Instead of setting up a screen and all of the other equipment, they just hang up a white sheet, lay down a rug and some cushions and enjoy the movie.

Regardless of the decor style that you choose for your home theater, make sure to look for comfortable seating options and the right lighting. As for the accessories, whatever makes your space more comfortable and enjoyable works. Remember, the whole point is to enjoy a movie in the comfort of your own home.