Current Contemporary Designs

Contemporary designs stand out for being designs or styles that are in fashion. If you're curious to find out how you can apply this to your home, keep reading!
Current Contemporary Designs

Last update: 02 March, 2022

It’s important to know that when we talk about current contemporary design we aren’t talking about a set style. Instead, it’s an ensemble of styles that work well together. For example, industrial or nordic styles are some of the most well-known ones.

This isn’t a specific or unique style. But, contemporary design styles do have common characteristics. They use similar materials or philosophy and a vision of what your home space should be.

In this article, we want to explain what contemporary designs are like and what they’re made of. We’ll also show you what their relationship with straight lines is.

Contemporary versus modern

Before going deeper into current contemporary designs, it’s important to clarify the terminology. This is because people often confuse contemporary with modern.

  • The concept of modern or modernity refers to everything that’s happened in the Modern Era. Modernism in architecture and design came about as a break away from the classical style. So, a turning point in this area happened thanks to technological and industrial advances. These helped modernism to become successful. This is due to the fact that people rejected ornamentation and substituted luxurious materials for other, more worthy ones like iron, cement, or glass.
  • On the other hand, contemporary design refers to the current trend. This includes decorative styles that don’t always have a reason why they’re currently trending.

There are a lot of experts who claim that modernism is obsolete. However, since it has different styles and trends, contemporary design is in continual metamorphosis. It’s always changing.

eclectic design

Current contemporary design characteristics

Contemporary design doesn’t have any norms and there are no rules that stand out. This is because it’s an ensemble of styles. As a result, every designer brings their vision to architectural, spatial, and decorative design. They make their ideas and way of understanding the space clear. In this case, it’s the home.

Moreover, current contemporary design is characterized by making the spaces and materials environmentally friendly and choosing sustainable materials.

As we all know, environmental responsibility goes together with social responsibility. Because of this, designers advocate research into new materials. This doesn’t just mean using more environmentally friendly materials but those that are socially responsible too.

So, you can say that current contemporary designs don’t just encompass an aesthetic point of view. They’re also a part of moral and social planes.

Equally, current contemporary design can be recognized for its long relationship with new technologies. Every day, there are more spaces and designs that improve people’s lives. They look for a way to combine simplicity through simple, clean, geometric lines with angles and avant-guard elements. 

And, the color pallet is a wide range of rich colors. You won’t just find diverse tones. You’ll also find different levels of warmth and coldness. Finally, contemporary designs try to give declining trades a second chance. Because of this, any functional or decorative object made by hand or by an artisan has great value.

Architecture with current contemporary designs

Architecture marked with this kind of design is inspired by straight lines and square forms with different angles. This is a result of the influence of the Industrial Revolution and its impact on this design style. Also, the environment surrounding the construction and its materials act as guides.

For instance, the large square windows of old factories or the straight and strong shapes of concrete blocks eliminate any kind of marking from the design. This is because these are rather simple and clean spaces in relationship to the lines. But, they also look for functionality and versatility. They do this for both the spaces and elements and this creates multifunctional areas.

Opposite of what it might appear, current contemporary designs are also characterized by being warm. Because of this, they use high-quality materials.

Current contemporary designs include styles like Nordic, industrial, and rustic among others. These styles don’t just look at outward appearances. They also look at the ecological and social impact. But, they don’t have any clear rules. Each designer has their own philosophy and way of expressing themselves through different styles.

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