Creating Functional Niches in your Home

Niches can be very functional. They're practical and chic. In this article, we'll discuss their versatility and practicality.
Creating Functional Niches in your Home

Last update: 05 June, 2020

Have you heard about niches before? Niches are holes or shallow recesses in walls. We’re sure you’ve seen a few.

In the old days, people placed niches under an arch and used them to display religious statues. Nowadays, they’re square or round and have become a more functional decorative element. Read on to learn how to decorate your home with niches.
Living room with niches as bookshelves.

The many ways of using niches

Niches can be very functional and you can use them to keep things in place. You can use niches as storage spaces, display places, or as decorative elements. Niches offer many possibilities and you don’t need extra space to have one.

If you have a small bedroom, use them as nightstands, or in your shower, to put your toiletries in. There are many things you can use them for.

Making your home look bigger using niches

Niches offer the option of saving space, which makes them ideal for small rooms.

For example, if you use a niche instead of bookshelves, you’ll make better use of your walls. It’ll give your home a sense of wilderness and modernity.
Don’t waste space, everything will depend on what your needs are. No matter where you place them, they’ll give your home a modern style.
They’re not only great for small rooms, but you can also use them to decorate your living room and add a new element to a long wall. If you decide to go this way, use the niche to showcase those decorative pieces you love the most.
Using niches as nightstands.

A different style for each niche

Niches usually blend with the walls, but feel free to add color by painting the background. This is a great idea if you want your niche to be part of the decoration.

Add some personality to your niches by using different shapes. Niches are usually arched. But if you’re after a modern look, square or rectangular niches are perfect for you.

A few ideas to try out

Don’t limit yourself to one size. Mix shapes and sizes to add dynamism to a reading nook or your child’s bedroom.

Kitchen practicality

If there’s a place where a niche comes in handy, it’s the kitchen. Open concept kitchens are very much in trend and this is a great way to work that concept in your home.

As display elements

If you’re the proud owner of a collection, use a niche and show it to the world. Give your collection the prominence it deserves and present it in an elegant and chic way.

Using niches in bathroom to store toiletries.

Use them in your bathroom

This is another trend we’ve seen over the last couple of years using a niche in the shower or as storage space. 

Placing a niche on both sides of the sink will help you keep your beauty products in place.

Niches in the bedroom

Besides using them as simple storage spaces, place one on each side of your bed to use them as nightstands. A 16 x 16 space will suffice. They’re great by the bedside too. A long niche you can decorate with books, plants, or your favorite things.

Niches offer you many design possibilities and they’re a great option to use space in small rooms.
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