Combinations of Wood and the Color White

Matching white and wood is a winning combination for successful decoration because tones like this give serenity, simplicity, warmth, and style to your home.
Combinations of Wood and the Color White

Last update: 15 April, 2020

Can you decorate your home using only a combination of the color white and wood? Yes, you can, but you need to know a few tricks to establish a balanced and sustainable bond between both elements.

Wood is a popular material in home decoration because it can be used to make almost anything: furniture, floors, ceilings, etc. Besides, wood offers resilience and aesthetic.

On the other hand, you have the color white. Maybe not as popular as wood, white is used in many homes. Therefore, in this article, you’ll see a few ideas to get the most out of a combination of wood and the color white.

A bathroom with a combination of wood and the color white.

Wooden floors and white color combinations

Let’s start with how useful a white and wooden floor can be. You might be wondering what’s better? Natural wooden floors or a white ceramic floor? It depends on what you want.

Wood is a good choice. It transmits warmth, holds the heat and makes it easier to match white with the rest of the furniture.

If you don’t want wooden floors, a white ceramic floor is very functional too. However, it doesn’t hide stains so well, but it’s easier to clean.

A wooden floor is a great base for any decorative sytle.

Choose a wooden floor with a matching white couch

If you choose a wooden floor, it’ll be easier to match it with the rest of your decoration. A wooden floor matches perfectly with other colors, especially white.

Here’s an idea – match it with a white couch. It doesn’t matter how white it is. The important thing is that both concepts create a dialogue and a contrast that brings harmony and ease to your apartment.

A home office with a combination of wood and the color white, with other decorative elements.

Wood or white furniture

Do you have old wooden furniture you want to get rid of? Why don’t you recycle it? Here’s what you can do:

  • First, sand the blemishes, polish the surface and give it a smooth finish.
  • Then, seal and varnish it to make the wood stand out.
  • For the final touch, paint it white. It’ll have a sense of purity and spirituality.

How to match the drapes with the rest

Usually, drapes go on the windows in the living, the bedrooms, and the dining area. The amount of light that gets in will depend on the color you choose. Therefore, using white makes for an interesting formula.

  • White’s concept of aesthetic purity can turn any place into something chic and idyllic. Likewise, it lets the right amount of light in, unlike other colors.
  • Matching white drapes with wooden furniture is a good choice and a contrast between light and dark.
Mediterranean wooden beams.

Visible beams

In rustic and Mediterranean styles, you can see how they mix wood and white. The ceiling is a great way to combine both elements. Keep the ceiling’s wooden beams visible, but paint the rest white. This way, you’ll get an interesting contrast.

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