Cleaning Dust: Infallible Tricks

Dust blights all of our lives! Here are five infallible tricks for cleaning dust, leaving you to enjoy a sparkling clean, and shiny home.
Cleaning Dust: Infallible Tricks

Last update: 06 April, 2023

Dust is the bane of all our lives. In addition to constantly cleaning dust, you have to use certain products to repel it, whilst implementing certain cleaning techniques. However, if you want to effortlessly clean and eliminate it, learn about some of the infallible tricks that we have for you.

Next, we’re going to explain each of these tricks in depth. Feel free to implement them as you need until you’re satisfied with the results. Let’s go!

Cleaning dust is easy with these tricks

The most common methods for dusting are to use a damp cloth or a dry rag. Although this works, multiple dust particles will still remain in the air and ultimately return, making our efforts counterproductive. For this reason, it’s important to implement other methods that complement the task and ensure you’re totally satisfied with the results.

This is very important because ultimately, dust is harmful to health. Especially for people who suffer from asthma and allergies, among other respiratory issues. After all, dust isn’t just dirt; it also comprises mold, pet hair, and pollen, among other nasties. Without further ado, here are our infallible tricks.

1. Ventilate your home

pivot windows
It’s recommendable to ventilate your home around ten minutes before you begin cleaning dust. 

Around ten minutes or so before you start cleaning dust, open the windows in the room where you’re going to start. By doing this, the dust will circulate instead of becoming trapped and ultimately returning to make your home dusty again.

We can’t stress the importance enough of ventilating your home before cleaning and that you do this room by room. This is because, if you clean your entire home in one go, the dust particles will circulate making it more difficult to clean. Another piece of advice we have is to try and clean in the morning because the air is cleaner during this time.

2. Cleaning dust: start with a damp cloth

Ten minutes after you’ve ventilated your room, start cleaning everything that’s accumulated dust with a damp cloth. It’s a good idea to leave varnished surfaces last because dust particles that remain in the air can stick there.

You should also consider using a damp microfiber cloth. This is the best material because dust sticks to it, and because it’s attracted to water, the dust will remain trapped there. Other materials such as the electrostatic disposable duster are useful, but it’s not environmentally friendly.

3. Try an anti-dust product

You’ll find many different anti-dust products on the market that you can use to eradicate dust and spend less time cleaning. These products also create a film on decorative objects that prevents dust from sticking.

You could buy the one you prefer or try making a homemade one. For this last option, simply mix together a cup of water, a quarter cup of white vinegar, and two tablespoons of olive oil in a spray bottle. Then, spray your furniture from top to bottom.

4. Cleaning dust: swap your broom for a good vacuum cleaner

cleaning sofa with vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaners manage to reach areas where brooms can’t, so it’s one of the best tricks for cleaning dust.

Sweeping raises dust and for this reason, it’s better to swap a broom for a vacuum cleaner. But not just any vacuum! These types of appliances are expensive, so invest in one that’s particularly effective, such as one with a HEPA filter.

This filter traps the smallest dust particles that are generated in a home. According to research, HEPA filters remove particles up to 0.3 microns, including spores, viruses, and bacteria.

Another reason to switch to the vacuum cleaner is that you’ll be able to reach tricky areas that a broom can’t reach. Examples of these spaces include underneath the sofa or behind the computer cabinet where the cables are grouped.

5. Scrub to finish

Whenever you clean your home, you must also scrub the floor because dust particles may remain there. This task must be done with a wrung-out, non-drip mop, and your regular floor cleaning product.

Which one of these dust-busting tricks will you try?

We’ve shared five dust-busting tricks that’ll help you to eradicate it. If we’re not careful when we clean, dust can stay in the air, tricking us into thinking that it’s gone. But after a few days, it becomes accentuated and mixes with new particles, to make it seem like you never cleaned it.

If this keeps happening to you, then try the tricks we’ve suggested.

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