Blue and Orange - Opposites Attract

Blue and orange can make a great statement in home decor; you just need to use them in a way to create a subtle, tasteful dialogue.
Blue and Orange - Opposites Attract

Last update: 29 September, 2019

Thinking about changing up your home decor? We have an interesting color combination to consider – blue and orange. This combination of complementary colors can create a jaw-dropping contrast.

You’ve probably heard of the famous saying “opposites attract.” Well, these two colors can offer your decor an original and refreshing ambiance, even more so than neutral or dark colors.

It’s  not your everyday combination and can be a unique component for your home decor. In addition, the two colors produce a hip, summery feel as well and will help set your decor apart.

Blue and orange – the problem of a poor combination

blue orange poor combination

Poor color combinations are the biggest and most common mistake in decor. When you pick random colors that don’t connect with each other, they end up clashing terribly.

But sometimes, if you know how to use them and pair them to create fluid decor, you can use two colors that have nothing in common. You can even use warm and cool colors together.

But creating an intrinsic relationship between your elements is crucial. In other words, you have to use colors on your decorative elements in a way that unifies them.

Chromatic relationships are the most important components in Decor.

Orange over blue

blue orange orange

The effect that your colors will vary depending on how you use them. Below, read our ways of properly using blue and orange together with orange being the dominant color.

  • Using orange on a wall can create a warm, active setting. In addition, it can enhance your lighting, offering a lively and enthusiastic ambiance.
  • To use blue as a contrast, use it in small doses through small elements such as pillows or a chair.
  • Or, use the colors together by picking out orange and blue decor accessories: they could be stools, rugs or simply ornamental pieces.
  • The warmth of the setting will give your space a renewed feel.

Big areas of blue

blue orange blue

Going in the opposite direction as before, you can also use blue as your dominate color. Walls are the best area to set a blue backdrop; so, how can you fit in orange?

It’s actually easier to create a tasteful contrast by using orange as a secondary color. You can use it on furniture or on decor accessories such as light fixtures, seats, a cabinet, vase, couch, etc.

There are many ways to apply these opposing colors. Orange jumps out from the blue in a very direct manner, creating focal points.

But we also want to mention that you shouldn’t only use these colors in the entire setting because they can be overwhelming. Instead, mix in neutral colors that help balance and establish harmony.

Look for chromatic contrast without going overboard.

Blue and orange – bedroom decor

blue orange bedroom

You can also use both colors for key furniture pieces in the bedroom – dressers and beds. In the case of dressers, an orange dresser might seem a bit odd but they can work in children’s or teenage bedrooms.

In such rooms, use a blue blanket to create contrast. And enhance it by adding orange to the headboard, walls or desk.

Lastly, we want to remind you to feel free to play with these colors in your decor. Creativity powers new ideas and trying to create fluid decor between these two colors. They might be complementary colors, but they can work perfectly together.

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