Benefits of Tiled Floors

If you're not sure about which flooring to use in your home, tiles offer many possibilities and benefits; they're a sure bet for quality.
Benefits of Tiled Floors

Last update: 14 February, 2019

In home construction, flooring often provokes a lot of doubt. There are so many materials available but it’s not easy choosing the best one for a specific home. So in today’s post, we’re going to look at the benefits of tiled floors.

Generally speaking, tiling consists of precisely fitting individual tiles to create a strong, long-lasting floor. Make sure to use mortar to create a floor that’s solid and sturdy.

Tile floors are completely different from wooden ones, which are warmer but more delicate. Tiles are colder but they offer a unique decor. Tiled floors withstand time better and are easy to clean.

Where to use tiles

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You can choose from the many tile options to best suit a certain space. And you can always use wood, or a different flooring, for a room where they won’t work.

  • Many homes use basic tiles to cover entire floors, regardless of the room divisions. While wood provides more comfort, tiles are still a good option.
  • Resistant, lightweight varieties are crucial for decks. They should also be easy to assemble because they’ll be exposed to adverse weather conditions.
  • As for backyard flooring, concrete options can make a great path. It’s a space that’ll see a lot of traffic and need adequate decor as well.
  • Bathrooms call for strong, ceramic tiles that are easy to clean and colorful.

Look for the best materials to ensure a long product-life.

Types of tiled floors

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First off, let’s look at ceramic and stoneware options. They come in white or red tones, the latter being the more economical option. White varieties, however, offer better visual results, creating a stronger sensation of cleanliness.

Additionally, you can also find porcelain tiles. Porcelain is more delicate but undoubtedly offers the highest quality. It absorbs little humidity, meaning that it’s an ideal option for bathrooms and kitchens.

If you’re looking to create a more country or rustic setting, browse earthy colored options. They create a natural ambiance and work great for decks and patios.

We’d also like to mention the popular trend of using vinyl floors that imitate tiles. Of course, they don’t offer the same quality but they look great.

Benefits of tiled floors

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First off, tiles ensure quality. They offer a variety of quality designs as well as materials.

  • Tiles suffer scratches as wood does. They don’t crack or deteriorate either, which is a common reality for other flooring options.
  • The variety of colors is extensive. Tiles come in all kinds of colors, making it easy to decorate for a certain area. For example, if you’re designing a porch, light browns will be the most appropriate.
  • They’re easy to clean. Pass the mop with bleach to quickly disinfect them. They’ll also help rooms feel clean, creating a pleasant ambiance for your home as a result.
  • You can replace tiles easily if they break, leaving the floor just like new. They don’t create any fuss: simply change the cracked ones.

Why choose paving slabs for your floors?

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When you’re deciding on a floor, our greatest recommendation is to do your research and analyze the area for the floor as well. A strong floor that stands up to the everyday hustle is a must.

The benefits, both aesthetic and practical, that tiled floors offer are plenty. They’re easy to install and won’t drain your bank account. Don’t think twice about using tiled floors in your home.