Asian Fabrics - The Best Styles and Motifs

Today we'll tell you a little bit about Asian fabrics so you can keep them in mind for the decor of your next room.
Asian Fabrics - The Best Styles and Motifs

Last update: 24 October, 2019

Asian fabrics and their whimsical motifs are quite trendy, both in fashion and home decor. And, these types of fabrics are characteristic of the different cultures that exist in the East. In addition, you can recognize them by their high-quality weaving and the large variety of textures and colors.

So, today we’d like to show you some Asian fabrics you can easily find in the current market. Likewise, you can get everything from plain fabrics to some with patterns or applications and much more.

Currently, many mills try to imitate these fabrics due to their wide variety and quality. So, you can use them in every corner of your home and even incorporate them as cushions, blankets, carpets and much more. Now, we’ll tell you in more detail about the many different types of Asian fabrics.

East Asian fabric styles

An imperial collection design with a crane.

You can find many different styles of fabrics with interesting and striking designs, it all depends on what you like. One of the main characteristics of these fabrics is the variety of colors and textures. In addition, they’re available in a wide range of vibrant tones, such as reds, purples, oranges, blues, and greens.

Types of fabrics

As we mentioned above, there’s an extensive variety of Asian fabrics. You can find them all ranging from light and soft textiles to heavy and textured fabrics. It pretty much depends on their particular style and origin. The one thing that’s for sure in regards to these fabrics is their attention to detail and artistic value.

They all have a wide variety of colorful prints with characteristic drawings of each culture that makes them. In addition, some of them even have hand-crafted and embellished details that give them texture.

Printed motifs on East Asian fabrics

An imperial crane design.

The most typical Asian fabrics are printed silk textiles. These are made up of large drawings and have dark or vibrant backgrounds. For example, the beautiful shiny and incredibly drapey silks are highly popular today.

You can find a wide range of patterns characteristic of each East Asian culture. For example, there are some that feature beautiful large flower motifs. Others have Japanese geishas, ​​cranes and much more.

This style of soft, light fabrics with beautiful and delicate patterns will look great in any corner of your home. You could even create covers for your sofa cushions, adding personality and brightness to your living room. Also, you could use them as curtains in your bedroom. Opt for anything you like best and use these fabrics to add a touch of originality to every spot in your home.

Embellished fabrics

Likewise, other Asian fabrics also stand out for as the heaviest and most embellished fabrics of India. This style is very unique and the handwork put into them is impressive. These fabrics also stand out for their vibrant colors, beads and lace applications, and their embroidered details in silver or gold.

One of the most common fabric designs in this culture is the beaded handcrafted ones. These are textiles made with stripes and lines of different colors and in different directions. The added beads usually contrast with and highlight the base color.

The handmade work of these fabrics will add originality to your spaces. You can turn them into blankets, cover footboards or make curtains and cushions. The silks and cotton from India are the most popular fabrics of this country.

Use these beautiful Asian fabrics at home

An Asian fabric with a crane motif.

You can add any of these fabrics to your home according to the environment you want to create. For example, choosing one of these fabrics will be your best choice if you’re trying to make a corner in the Asian style. They’ll look beautiful in your dining room, living room, bedrooms, etc.

For instance, you could turn your living room into an East Asian-style room. You could add a low coffee table with floor cushions made from different fabrics and colors. A fluffy carpet would give it a warmer and more pleasant feeling. Colorful and patterned fabrics are a great way to add style to your home.

Try integrating these textiles into your home decoration. You can dress your indoor spaces beautifully with a wide variety of colors, contrasts, and brightness.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article.