Aluminum Window Frames: How to Take Care of Them and Make Them Shine

Discover how to care for and keep your aluminum window frames clean. Follow our tips to keep them looking as good as new.
Aluminum Window Frames: How to Take Care of Them and Make Them Shine

Last update: 22 September, 2022

If you have aluminum window frames that have become dirty and dull, you should read this article to the very end. We’ll give you some useful tips to help you recover their color and shine.

The best thing is that you can clean them with homemade cleaning products that you probably already have at home.

Are you interested in learning more? Keep reading and get started!

Learn how to take care of your aluminum window frames

Aluminum windows are particularly resistant and that’s why they’re a popular choice in many homes. However, when they come into contact with oxygen, the material oxidizes, which causes a loss of brightness and dulls the original color.

For this reason, it’s imperative to keep your windows clean in order to guarantee their durability over time. Now, you do have to be careful with the products you use because some are abrasive and can do more harm than good.

Discover everything you can clean with white vinegar.
The properties of white vinegar make it a great ally in household cleaning.

Products to clean your aluminum window frames

As we mentioned before, some products are very abrasive when you use them on aluminum windows, among those are ones that contain an excess of bleach. In addition, the sponges you use must be very soft, otherwise, they can scratch the frames making their appearance worse.

Take note of the following household products with which you can safely clean your aluminum window frames:

  • Bicarbonate: helps remove rust stains from aluminum and other metals. It’s best to mix it with lemon juice or vinegar. This mixture works on even the most difficult rust stains.
  • Rubbing alcohol: made from methanol. Used for cleaning fireplaces and barbecues, it acts as a solvent, which helps to remove solid dirt on dirty aluminum windows. It’s best to mix half a cup of rubbing alcohol with a cup of white vinegar and apply it directly. Wear gloves to protect your hands.
  • Salt: helps to remove stains. When mixed with flour and vinegar, it creates a paste that you can apply to the aluminum frames and leave to act for 15 minutes. Then, remove it with warm water and a soft cloth. Dry and polish to make the aluminum shine like new.
  • Tomato ketchup: removes rust from aluminum windows. Rub the ketchup directly on the frames and the acids in the tomatoes will work to remove the rust with the help of a soft sponge.

How to brighten your aluminum window frames?

Cleaning your aluminum window frames using traditional methods, isn’t enough! Especially if you want your frames to shine like new. Next, we’ll explain the secret to brightening your frames.  

The first thing you should do is mix a tablespoon of white vinegar with two tablespoons of lemon juice in a cup of hot water. Use a heavy-duty spray bottle and apply the mixture all over the window frame. Use a cloth to remove stains and you’re done! Just be careful you don’t dazzle yourself too much!

Aluminum windows are very resistant and constant cleaning will make them last longer.
Aluminum windows are very resistant and constant cleaning will make them last longer.

How often should I clean them?

This is a common question and the answer will depend on several factors. One of them has to do with exposure to extreme weather conditions and the frequency in which this happens. Cold and hot temperatures will make them rust and become dirty quicker. This is something that doesn’t happen with indoor aluminum window frames.

So the frequency you clean is according to your own circumstances. Of course, you should prevent dirt and oxidation from accumulating over a long time, as regular cleaning makes it easier to keep on top of. In the most serious cases, you can use ammonia. However, this chemical can be abrasive and difficult to work with, so it should only be used as a last resort.

Finally, remember to include glass cleaning too. Theres little point in having shining aluminum frames that reveal opaque glass, full of stains and fingerprints. Be sure to do a full and thorough clean so you can enjoy a beautiful view through your windows.

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