A Touch of Color for a White Kitchen

If you have a white kitchen, we'll give you some tips for adding a touch of color. You'll love the result!
A Touch of Color for a White Kitchen

Last update: 17 March, 2022

Do you want to give a touch of color to your white kitchen, with a more lively and dynamic result? As we’ve already seen in our other articles, white is ideal for making our spaces look larger and brighter.

Using the color white gives our home interiors a simple, clean, and diaphanous appearance. However, adding a few small touches of color can make the room appear warmer if they’re simple colors and are chosen with certain aesthetic criteria. As a result, it won’t be so homogeneous and discreet. And, above all, when it comes to kitchens, it’ll help to hide stains.

Although today, we’re only going to focus on kitchens, a touch of color is something that you can apply to any space in your home. For example, it’s popular for homes decorated in a Nordic style. Keep in mind that you can add colors of any kind, including pastel tones, bright colors, or vibrant shades. Equally, you can combine white with another color, or add touches of various colors that match each other.

Home appliances for a white kitchen

Yellow fridge in white kitchen.

We recommend that, if you choose colored appliances, you choose them all in the same color.

A common option is gray appliances to help them blend into the background. But the best option is to hide appliances behind doors or wooden panels. These doors can be made of natural wood, or they can be painted in a pastel tone. As your kitchen is white, the result will be uniform.

Even so, keep in mind that some brands offer appliances in very bright colors such as pink and red. In this case, just one appliance will look good in this color, normally the refrigerator. Then you can use accessories in the same color, such as a red or pink toaster or juicer.

Colored containers for a white kitchen

Colored jars for the kitchen.

Without a doubt, this is the simplest and most common option for adding a touch of color to your white kitchen. Display and store your crockery on a shelf, so that it’s clearly visible. Once again, choose all the pieces in the same color and this can be plain or patterned.

As a result, when you decorate your table, you’ll enjoy a colorful and cheerful result, without being excessive. If you want to, you can also use glass jars with colorful lids. You can use these to store spices, legumes, cereals, or cookies.

And if you like flowers, display them in a colorful vase. The textures and materials will contrast with a white kitchen.

Furniture with touches of color

U-shaped kitchen.

A pastel tone or exposed wooden furniture works beautifully with the natural grain of white wooden kitchens. You can see this, for example, in IKEA kitchens. If the kitchen appliances are hidden behind wooden doors or panels, make sure the doors match the same style as your kitchen cupboards. Some of the most common possibilities for hiding appliances are islands or countertops.

You can also choose a shelf or a single door and have it in one color. It’ll contrast well with a white kitchen and add a dynamic touch.

Another possibility is to paint the legs of your table or chairs in colors. Of course, leave the rest of your furniture completely white. If you think it may be too flashy, you can simply paint colored dots or other simple motifs.


Colored linen tablecloth.

Although sometimes it may not seem like it, small accessories are very important visually speaking, despite their size. We’re talking about cutlery, napkins, coasters, tablecloths, and even rugs.

Moreover, you can give touches of color through doorknobs, faucets, or the hooks you use to hang cloths, aprons, and oven mitts.

Try putting a colored ribbon tie-back to secure your curtains. Or put colored magnets on your fridge. With something as easy as that you will break the monotony of your white kitchen.

As we’ve already discussed, the most important thing is that the colors you choose match each other. By doing this, there won’t be too much visual impact and you can create beautiful combinations that’ll make your kitchen a more cheerful space. And remember, colors also have an influence on people and wellbeing, Something that you must take into account before using them to decorate your home.

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