A House that's Always Ready for Visitors

How would you like to have a house that's always ready for guests and be able to entertain people at any time? Continue reading our advice and you'll be the host of the year.
A House that's Always Ready for Visitors

Last update: 16 December, 2019

Having visitors can be pleasant, comforting and even revitalizing. While there are times when you invite people over for a special gathering, often your family and close friends show up unexpectedly. So, we’ve come up with a few ideas for a house that’s always ready for visitors, whether you expect them or not.

A house that’s always ready for visitors

The word home written on the wall.

This is not about having a house that’s always impeccable. It’s about having whatever your visitors need to feel comfortable and relaxed in every area of your home.

Because there’s nothing more stressful than worrying about whether there’s enough toilet paper in the bathroom or refreshments and drinks in your fridge or pantry. Don’t you agree?

Follow these simple recommendations and you’ll quickly become the perfect host. We must forewarn you though, your visits might extend their stay!

A house that’s always ready for visitors – welcome, please come in!

A mudroom.

Place a coat rack in your hall together with a small bench or a piece of furniture on which to place anything your visitors might have in their hands. Also, try to keep at least a couple of hooks free so they can hang their coats as soon as they come in.

Also, if your home is shoe-free then place a natural fiber basket with a few pairs of cloth slippers at the entrance. This way, your visitors won’t be able to break the house rules. You can even put up a sign to inform them of your “laws” upon their first visit.

If you’re expecting people, then place a bouquet of fresh flowers in the hall. There’s nothing more pleasant than walking into a house that smells good.

Let’s step into the lounge

A comfy sofa is part of a house that's always ready for visitors.

Open the windows for five minutes before your guests arrive. This will refresh the air so your home environment isn’t stuffy.

If you’ve had time to prepare before your visitors arrive, then pay special attention to your sofa. Fluff the cushions and vacuum behind them to get rid of the crumbs of those cookies you ate last night.

If you haven’t had time to prepare, then at least tidy the cushions. You can also place some aromatic candles on your coffee table. They’ll add warmth in addition to releasing a nice scent.

Can I get you something?


A house that’s always ready for visitors has enough dishes and glassware. Try to have some extras in addition to the ones you and your family use. Of course, it depends on how fond you are of extra diners.

If you prefer to use disposable dishes, make sure they’re not made of plastic. There are much nicer, environmentally friendly alternatives out there.

Hors d'oeuvres and tea service are part of a house that's always ready for visitors.

Think ahead to what kinds of snacks, drinks, main course, or desserts you’d like to offer your visitors. Don’t improvise, select a simple recipe and stick to it.

Make sure to always have crisps, drinks, and nuts in your pantry for unexpected visitors. They’ll never catch you off guard if you keep these basic items handy.

Which way is the restroom?

A cozy bathroom is part of a house that's always ready for visitors.

The basic principles of a nice bathroom are for it to be clean, well ventilated and pleasant smelling. If you know that your guests are going to arrive at a specific time, then set the mood with some scented candles, incense, soft towels, etc.

You can also put out a basket with toiletries such as hand cream, toothpaste, brushes, etc.

In addition, make sure there’s enough toilet paper and place some extra rolls in sight, either in baskets or decorative boxes.

Your house is now ready for receiving visitors at any time. Next, recommendations on how to get rid of lingering guests

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