A Big Name in Interior Design - David Collins

In this article, we're going to explore the magnificent works created by interior designer David Collins. To this day, he is considered a magician of interior design and decoration.
A Big Name in Interior Design - David Collins

Last update: 21 May, 2020

In this article, we’re going to discuss a big name in interior design – David Collins. He is one of the most important figures in the world of interior design because of his passion for all types of art.

David Collins grew up and was educated in Dublin, Ireland. He had a love for music and fashion. His interest in art led him to the Bolton Street School of Architecture. That began a brilliant career and a passion that fueled his entire life.

After finishing his studies, he moved to London, where he designed the interior of his friend’s house. Soon after, he decorated a famous restaurant, La Tante Claire. These two successes backed the opening of his decorating studio in 1985 and it was named the David Collins Studio.

A particular style

David Collins’s early studio work focused on interior architecture. This consisted of minor and modest projects that defined a very particular and characteristic style of this brilliant designer.

The key elements in his studio works were aesthetic functionality with lively, rational, and sophisticated touches. His sources of inspiration were Le Corbusier, Eileen Gray, and Mies van der Rohe.

He created a highly talented, dynamic, and versatile team with his partner Iain Watson. Both had a unique style but fused together perfectly. They were compatible because they both had a different eye for design.

David Collins, the legend

Three decades later, the David Collins Studio became one of the most significant firms in interior design. The modern style of this legendary artist has been reflected in restaurants, hotels, residential houses, and select London shops.

His rich and sophisticated design brand is unique and his style has been reproduced and adapted on many occasions. His designs are attractive because they portray elegance.

David Collins’s alchemy

It’s not easy to describe this genius because his talent was provocative, subversive, and unpredictable. He masterfully combined elegance, luxury, and opulence because his rooms presented timeless style features that go beyond fashion.

His sources were music, art, cinema, fashion, architecture, literature, philosophy, and history. This mixture was an aesthetic that reflects the past because it holds a sense of history.

His favorite colors were shades of purple, from lilac to eggplant, and he valued subtle color effects that change in daylight.

The David Collins Foundation

David Collins left us prematurely in 2013 because he died of skin cancer. The David Collins Foundation was created in honor of his work and his passion for art and beauty. The foundation supports new talent and talent that has yet to be discovered.

David Collins’ legacy will live forever. This talented designer left us with extraordinarily decorated rooms that are hard to forget. His partner, Iain Watson, continues to convey the technique, experience, and exquisite taste of David Collins.

The magic of his work

David Collins is is a legend because his work is so impactful. He possessed a magical power to transform a lifeless space into projects with visionary finishes. David’s work was simple but sophisticated.

His style has spread to all corners of the world. His touch makes any commercial space a guaranteed success. Most importantly, his talent has given him the honor of the father of interior design in the United Kingdom.