6 Infallible Tips to Increase Space in Your Living Room

Do you have a small living room? Try these tips.
6 Infallible Tips to Increase Space in Your Living Room

Last update: 29 October, 2020

Don’t worry if you have a small living room. With these tips, you’ll increase the space to make it seem larger.

If you want to increase space in your living room and make it appear much larger than it really is, then continue reading to discover some infallible ideas to accomplish this.

Choosing the right upholstery, sliding doors, low furniture and other decorative resources will help you achieve your objective. We promise! So are you ready?

Increase space in your living room – 6 tips  you’ll love

1.Look for light fabrics

For the curtains as well as for the upholstery, we recommend using light-colored fabrics that aren’t printed. Or you can use small bright prints.

2. In very small living rooms with little light, choose fabrics that are textured with little contrast. To avoid a boring look, combine different finishes and textures such as linen, cotton, velvet, etc.

3. In addition, we recommend increasing depth by playing with different color schemes. For example, upholster a sofa in a darker tone than the chairs.

2. High shelves for books and decorative items to increase space

We encourage you to take advantage of the architecture to arrange furniture in straight lines that increases the feeling of space and converts your living room into a well-used room.

Place a wall shelf with baskets and boxes with lids close to the ceiling. This way you’ll be using a lot of space to keep small objects without taking up useful space.

To organize books, use shelves that are no more than 10 to 12 inches deep. Take advantage of the corners and any alcoves in the walls. If you put up several, leave a space of 14 to 16 inches between them.

3. Increase space in your living room – remove the coffee table

A coffee table in a small living room will just get in the way. This is especially true if you have children because they often like to play near you.

A better idea is to place nesting tables beside the sofa. Move them in front of the couch when you need them. You’ll see how useful this idea is since you’ll have more space in this area.

If your priority is to have a place to keep your TV remote, glasses, candles, magazines, place a small bookcase with doors by the sofa.

4. Openings without doors or with glass to increase space

Take out the door to the living room as this a quick and economical way to open up space without having to undertake a major project. You’ll create depth and a sensation of space.

We also recommend removing the door between the living room and the dining room or the entryway and living room. As a result, you’ll achieve visual communication.

If you want to avoid using energy or having your cool air or heat escape, close off the living room with a sliding glass door. This doesn’t take up much space when it’s open and it provides light and spaciousness.

5. Take advantage of the back of the sofa by placing a desk there

A desk behind a sofa to increase space in your living room

Image: pinterest.es/Poliform/Varenna

A good decorative solution to include a work area in a small living room is to have a console or an attached table at the back of the sofa. You’ll see what a good idea this is!

A desk that is 15 x 36 inches is large enough to do paperwork, write comfortably, or support your computer. Also, you can take advantage of the opening underneath to hide a pair of poufs for extra seating.

We also suggest putting up a floating shelf in the style of the desk on the wall. You can use this to store files or books.

6. Adding space to your living room with white and beige

This idea is excellent to create light. It’s a perfect combination because you accomplish two objectives: adding light and at the same time creating a cozy space.

By using white, you can enhance the walls,  brighten the room, and get more natural light, which amplifies the feeling of space and relaxation. However, if using pure white, the result will be too cold, so you can use a very light gray.

Beige gives warmth to a room. Touches of beige on fabric, in small pieces of furniture, or in decorative complements such as lamps, will enrich the decor.

What do you think about these 6 tips? We’re sure that many of these will help you make your living room larger and brighter.


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