5 Types of Room Dividers

To enrich your interior aesthetics, discover five types of room dividers that are currently on-trend and in high demand on the market. Ready to give your home a more innovative touch?
5 Types of Room Dividers

Last update: 02 November, 2021

In the world of architecture, it’s not only walls that are used as a means to differentiate rooms. There are also other possibilities that can even replace interior walls. Therefore, we’re going to discover five types of room dividers.

We all like to have a reading corner, a place to be alone, or simply, a means to differentiate the space in our homes. It’s a good idea to have an internal organization system that in turn, also provides a defined aesthetic.

In this sense, it’s important that we consider all the resources that can be used for structuring our interiors. The idea is that a certain degree of distinction is achieved and that we create a comfortable and peaceful environment.

1. The wooden divider: a classic element that’s back in fashion

5 types of room dividers

One component that’s back in fashion is the wooden screen. We may not consider having one of these in our bedroom or living room, but it can produce a very interesting visual effect and favor our decor.

Today, there are different types, but it’s the wooden screen that’s of great relevance. There are opaque ones that allow for a well-defined separation and, on the other hand, there’s an open framework design whose shapes can make an interesting impact.

Wooden strips interspersed with gaps in between are a good option. In this way, you can get a slight and subtle glimpse of what’s on the other side.

2. Stained glass to let the light in

Another effective solution is the use of stained glass windows that allow for the passage of light. They don’t generate a strong level of opacity, but a feeling of privacy is still achieved. They can be considered as an appropriate option to create a more original and unique look.

  1. One of the most popular categories of stained glass is semi-transparent. They’re generally made up of methacrylate sheets with a flat, smooth surface.
  2. If you want a divider with superficial designs, those with figurative or geometric shapes are very common. In this way, a different character and a completely different aesthetic theme is achieved.
  3. We mustn’t forget the stained glass windows have drawings and shapes with different shades. It’s also a way to bring a touch of color to your room.

3. Shelves as dividers

Dividers: shelves

When it comes to talking about room dividers, we can’t forget about shelves. With them, you can easily work on the differentiation of areas within the same room.

You can place books, objects, and other ornaments on them in order to achieve a hint of separation. This allows you to create a specific corner that guarantees privacy, where you can put a table, an armchair, or some chairs.

In other words, you can create a small room without the need for it to be completely closed. In fact, it can connect with the rest of the room in a direct way without losing any privacy.

4. Room dividers: a new trend

Who said that to separate the rooms in your home you have to build a wall? There are room dividers on the market that are made of wrought iron. These can become another part of your decor.

They’re not considered to be a closed structure or one that causes inaccessibility. They’re very common in classrooms, precisely because these are large rooms where these types of resources are very practical.

5. Transparent windows

If you want to present a more sophisticated and classic image, you can incorporate large windows, made with metal frames and, if desired, with door openings.

Faced with this situation, you’ll experience a certain delimitation of the room in a much more consolidated way, although this still allows a clear view of the other side.

Thanks to these resources, light is accessed in a direct way. Thus, the entire space is enriched and the idea of transparency is favored.

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