5 Types of Hydraulic Floors for Your Home

Interior design offers different aesthetic perspectives. When it comes to floors, hydraulic resources give an eye-catching look to any room.
5 Types of Hydraulic Floors for Your Home

Last update: 15 April, 2021

Interior design offers different aesthetic perspectives. When it comes to floors, hydraulic resources give an eye-catching look to any room.

This kind of decoration is an excellent option if you want to give an interesting vibe to your house. For this reason, you should take a look at these 5 types of hydraulic floors for your home.

If you’re bored of the same old patterns and designs, it’s time to change the aesthetic concept and find new decor alternatives.

Your home should have innovative decorative elements. Dare to choose original designs instead of the traditional ones.

When you combine different materials, you can indicate different areas.

1. Henley hydraulic floors

This is one of the most common patterns for floors. You might have seen them many times. You can find them in public areas, schools, and shops.

They have straight lines and squares that offer an organized pattern, in which right angles are the main attraction.

Regarding the colors, white is the basic one. You can combine it with other trendy colors, such as ochre, blue, green, maroon, etc.

There are many options in the decor world.

2. Hydraulic floors with circles


Circular shapes are a very common design for hydraulic floors. This is because of the different sensations they offer. These are two important aspects:

  1. They give a dynamic look and improve the environment. They offer an eye-catching organization and structure. However, they don’t give the level of stability that square design offers.
  2. They have an interesting geometric design of cold or dark tones, which makes them stand out for their organized patterns.

3. Squares are a must


Squares offer a unique design. They can be used in different ways a create a cosmopolitan design.

This kind of floor gives stability and its pattern offers an interesting look, as it was a Tangram puzzle.

You can combine squares with geometric shapes or curved lines. This offers a different and dynamic design. If you look back, old palaces used this kind of design for the organization and balance it provided.

Squares are part of many decorative elements.

4. Hydraulic floors for your home – floral designs

Hydraulic tiles classic design

It’s common to find vegetable and floral designs on this kind of floor. These designs don’t have a clear and evident form but have simplified concepts.

This gives a dynamic look to the floor and creates a stylish visual effect. Color is an important aspect to achieve this.

Tiles are another essential component. They need to match the style of the floor. That’s why you need to choose them based on the design you want to apply.

5. Geometry is the main attraction

This kind of decoration involves geometric patterns. You can find interesting designs and shapes.

A good idea is to combine them with a floral, spiral, schematic, or curved design. All these aesthetic components are excellent options for interior design.

As you can see, there’s a wide variety of hydraulic floors. This is a unique and innovative way to give a different look to your home.



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