4 Suggestions on how to Divide Areas of your Home

Are you thinking of dividing two separate areas of your home? Here you will find a series of suggestions that will help you to choose the best dividers.
4 Suggestions on how to Divide Areas of your Home

Last update: 18 December, 2018

It’s becoming more common to see the dining room and living room within the same space in the home. Sometimes this can be a little uncomfortable because you want intimacy in one part, or simply to give a more cozy feel to your house. There are various ways to divide areas of the home, the most common of these being a partition wall.

By using this manner of dividing areas, the parts of the room are completely separate and there isn’t any connection between them. Below, you can find a series of suggestions to be able to divide areas of your home, but at the same time not break up the unity of the room.

Depending on your tastes or the decor style of your home, it would be good to choose just one style of division. You will also need to think about if you want a marked division, or if you want the two areas to be more connected. Keep reading and choose the best area separator, one that you can adapt to your home. We hope the following suggestions help.

Sliding doors, only appropriate for larger rooms

Sliding doors are the perfect way to divide areas of the home. They let you either unite the two parts of the room or to create two completely separate areas. You can change the feel of the room by simply opening them or closing them as you need to.

If you want to completely separate the two areas, you could install some opaque sliding doors. If not, why not install some crystal or totally transparent sliding doors?

Sliding doors are only recommended when both areas of the room are sufficiently big enough to completely separate. If one area is quite small, it could give the impression of being a little claustrophobic when the sliding doors are closed.

On the other hand, the greatest advantage of sliding doors is that they don’t take up any space because they just slide against the wall. This allows you to make the best use of space in the room.

Use sliding doors to create a moveable separator to divide areas of the home

Bookshelves, perfect to divide areas and store objects

Bookshelves are another of the items commonly used to separate and divide areas of the home. It’s the best option for book lovers since it’s a great way to keep your books neat and orderly.

A bookshelf could have a back to it or be without, depending on whether you want to have a line of sight between the two areas of the room you want to divide. Another option is to just use the bookshelf to store a few decorative items and leave a few parts empty. In this way, you will achieve a greater unity between the two areas of the room.

If there isn’t a window on either side of the bookshelf, it would be preferable to have to bookshelf somewhat emptier. That way, the light will be able to pass through and there will be better visibility throughout the room. If not, the bookshelf will become like a wall, blocking the light and leaving part of the room in darkness.

You could use a bookshelf either with books or with decorative items to divide areas of the home

Half walls, a division without dividing the area

If you want to separate areas but want to still link them, half walls are a great option. Installing one can create cozy areas perfect for the sofa or the dining area. At the same time, you can still have a united area. There will also be better visibility between one area and the next.

Another more modern option that could go well with your decor is to install a half height wall coming up from the floor, and the other half hanging down from the ceiling, with a gap in between. That way, you will have a horizontal strip that you can see through. You can thereby maintain a line of sight between the two areas of the room, while still keeping them separate.

If you have a classic style home, this last option might not suit your decor. It would be better to go for a more traditional half wall.

Use a half wall to divide areas of the home such as the kitchen and dining room

Timber structures, decoration, and division of areas

Timber structures are an original way to separate spaces. They don’t take up much space and will give a unique feel to the room. These area dividers can be made to size and are composed of geometric shapes. They allow visual contact between two areas and at the same time clearly separate the sections.

If your living room is a little small, these can be a great option because light can penetrate all parts of the room. You also won’t lose much space.

What if you want to install them to divide the kitchen from the living room or a terrace? You could plant a creeper in a pot to climb up the structure. That way, you will have a little piece of nature inside, and a functional indoor garden to divide areas of your home.

Another option is to hang some photos of family moments or vacations using some lengths of thread. As if it were an exhibition, you could hang the photos the length of the structure.

You could use a timber folding screen or partition to divide areas of the home


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