4 Maison du Monde Poofs

Here's a small selection of Maison du Monde poofs. You'll love them!
4 Maison du Monde Poofs

Last update: 10 December, 2018

In our post today, we’d like to give you a selection of poofs from Maisons du Monde. You’ll love their designs.

First off, poofs are becoming more popular in interior design. They’re very comfortable and practical. On top of that, no matter how much space they take up, they’ll always be smaller than a sofa or an armchair, so they work really well for small spaces.

In addition, let’s consider how many different kinds there are. They come in various fabrics, fillings, sizes, shapes, and colors. So, you won’t have any problem choosing one that best suits your home.

Because they’re so comfortable and easy to move around, you can often find them in bookstores, libraries, playrooms, reading areas… Or even in coffee shops. You can purchase them in home decor stores. IKEA or Maisons du Monde are a couple of good examples.

Below, we’ll give you some information about 4 Maisons du Monde poofs. You’ll want to buy them all!


Our first pick is a round poof that’s made of plant fibers. Its dimensions are:

  • 31 cm high
  • 40 cm wide

“Hello” is written in pink on one side. Around the entire top circumference, there are 8 pompoms in the same tone of pink. This poof could look lovely in a room with a pink sofa, they’d match perfectly together.

poof hello

It costs 49.99 euros. If you want it delivered to your home or to a pick-up address, you’ll have to pay an additional 6.90 euros.


If you’re a fan of flamingos, you’re going to love this poof. Flamingos, like cacti or pineapples, are very popular in interior design these days for themes such as tropical. Using them will give your home an original, exotic feel.

You could also use them to decorate a children’s room if you have little ones. This is a circular pink chair that has a flamingo head and pair of wings attached.

Poof flamingo

Its dimensions are very similar to the previous poof. The price is 39.99 euros as long as you purchase it at the store. If not, you’ll have to pay an additional 6.99 euros for delivery.


If we look in the same collection as the flamingo poof, we can find another poof that’s perfect for children’s bedrooms. It’s made with natural fibers (jute). The dimensions are:

  • 50 cm tall
  • 30 cm. wide

The circular poof is divided in half: the bottom half uses the natural jute while the top is dyed pink. On the top, there are two lines of pompoms that circle the entire perimeter of the poof. The pompoms are pastel-colored and vary in sizes (the bottom ones are larger).

This colorful poof costs 59.99 euros. If you want it delivered to your home, you’ll have to pay an additional 14.90 euros.


To conclude our post, we’d like to leave you with a poof that we know you’ll love. Unlike our other poof examples, which had a circular shape, this one is pear-shaped. You could sit comfortably on it, or even lay down because it adapts to your posture.

It’s a light pink poof and has little golden stars and snowflakes on it. If you want, you could place it on a rug and put some cushions around it to create a warm, cozy corner. Though it’s officially categorized as a children’s poof in the store, you can place it in any room as long as it matches the surrounding decor.

Poof stars

It’s 90 x 90 cm and costs 79.99 euros. As for the delivery fee, it’s the same as the previous poof: if you want to have it delivered to your home, you’ll have to pay an additional 14.90 euros.

The best part about poofs is that you can use them as end tables, footrests, bedroom benches… A poof is so much more than a seat. Remember that you can also use it outdoors as well (in a chill-out zone, for example) if you take good care of it. As you’ve read today, these Maison du Monde poofs are comfortable, cute and very practical.

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