2019 Interior Decor

In 2018, you'll see a push for what's natural, so you'll see material like bamboo, cork or wicker everywhere. As for the colors, completely white decor is moving while while using white with other colors is moving in.
2019 Interior Decor

Last update: 10 January, 2019

Learn about the most important interior decor points of 2019. There are some big changes, some of which are truly surprising. If you want to know about the latest trends in interior design read on…

Here’s a sneak-peek: the Nordic style won’t be as big as it was in the last years. Instead, vintage is the style that’ll take the lead.

Colors in 2019 interior decor

Though white will never be completely out of the picture, this year, it’ll be used with other colors, especially warm or earthy tones. However, to create bigger contrasts with white, the best options are watermelon red or a darker green.

But in kitchens, black will take center stage for wood, metal, and stone.

In bathrooms, gentle colors like violet, gray-blue or beige will play important roles.

As for floors, they’ll see a radical change. Cool colors are completely left behind. In their place, very warm colors that help create cozier settings will step in.

Little by little, metallic tones will start to have more presence.

Decor trends will use metals that have a more industrial feel, like honed metals. Steel and the combination of iron and bronze will also become more trendy.

A piece of advice: if you want a kitchen that has an elegant and sophisticated air, go with black stainless steel.

This color palette can work in any home. You just need to think about the possible combinations and results to achieve a balanced and warm setting.

An exception is wood; wood is getting darker and darker, which wasn’t the case over the past few years. Good examples of these kinds of woods are walnut and ebony.

We also have to mention the color blue and a few of its shades like cobalt or indigo

2018 decor 1

All of these colors will be organized in geometric designs, like stripes, which are simple yet sophisticated. We’ll definitely be seeing more zigzags, not just simple, straight lines. Another popular shape for designs will be diamonds.

We’ll see all of these on all kinds of textiles, like blankets, comforters, rugs and even curtains, not to mention walls and floors.

The materials that we’re seeing the most in 2019

In kitchens and bathrooms, we’ll keep seeing a lot of marble. But it won’t be just white, which is probably the kind that we’re most accustomed to seeing.

In 2019, trends are moving towards what’s natural, which will affect every object and color that we choose for our homes.

Closely related to the natural trend, we’ll also see wood, untreated wood of course. The less processed it is, the better.

All of this brings us to diverse natural fibers, which is something that has been becoming popular in recent years.

  • Bamboo: bamboo is strong, durable, exotic and low-cost. Additionally, it grows relatively quickly meaning that by using bamboo, we can create a more ecological structure. Though bamboo works for furniture, it’s really great for floors. Until a few years ago, bamboo actually wasn’t a material that people really cared for.
  • Wicker: wicker‘s main feature is its robustness while still being a light material. That’s precisely why anything that’s made of wicker will always be lightweight. We can find it in all kinds of objects, even light fixtures.
  • Ratan: ratan plays an important role thanks to its elasticity, which allows it to absorb a lot of impacts. So, it’s a great material to use for a home with small children.
  • Cork: cork will be hotter than ever in 2019.
2018 decor 2


We hope that these ideas will help you decorate your home. As you might have noticed, we’ve mainly focused on materials and colors.

For an up-to-date home, you just need to apply these ideas to your furniture, walls, and accessories. Don’t forget that this year, you’ll be seeing materials in their rawest form.

So, now you can jump on the bandwagon of these 2019 interior design trends, even if that means leaving others behind.

Now’s a good time to get into DIY.