10 Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants

Learn about the ten pet-friendly indoor plants that'll decorate your home and won't harm your dog or cat.
10 Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants

Last update: 21 September, 2021

If you love indoor plants and pets, you should know that there are pet-friendly plants that won’t harm your pets. As we know, when there’s a puppy in the house, it tends to bite certain things, such as plants.

This is the reason why it’s important to have plants that are non-toxic and don’t harm pets. In this way, you can still decorate your home with plants and keep your pets healthy.

Ten pet-friendly indoor plants

Pet-friendly plants are the best option to decorate your home when you have dogs, cats, or even rabbits. These plants are pet-friendly because they don’t have toxic or harmful components and won’t affect the health of your pets. This applies even if they have direct contact with your plants or eat them.

1. Areca


Areca is an ideal tropical plant to decorate the corners of your home. It provides spaciousness, warmth and creates a comfortable environment wherever you are. It’s one of the most striking plants for cats because its branches are hanging, therefore they’re often mistaken for toys.

Your cat will be happy and won’t be in any danger because it’s not harmful to pets. The only risk is run by the leaves, which can become somewhat battered!

2. Fern: pet-friendly indoor plants

The fern is one of the most used indoor plants in interior decoration because it absorbs moisture. It goes very well in large rooms and fits well in dark corners, giving them a little more life.

Its long branches and abundant leaves are very attractive to pets. Don’t be concerned if your cats try to reach them or if your dogs hide behind them. Either way, there’s no risk to their health if the fern is bitten or touched.

3. Pilea peperomioides

Pilea peperomioides, pet friendly plant.

The Pilea peperomioides (also known as the “money plant”) has a special connotation and therefore it’s common to have it indoors. It’s believed to be a plant that attracts wealth and money. Besides being related to luck, it’s pet-friendly.

If your dog or cat passes by and touches it, it won’t have any adverse reactions and if it bites it, your pet won’t suffer intoxication. Since their leaves don’t hang down, they’re not very attractive to pets, so enjoy your money plant without worry. In addition to this characteristic, this is a very pretty and bright plant.

4. Elephant foot: pet-friendly indoor plants

The elephant foot is a large plant, although it’s just enough to have it indoors. Its name comes from its physical appearance: it has a thick trunk with a special texture that resembles the elephant’s leg. It requires a place where it receives good light for it to grow properly.

Its leaves are long and susceptible, so pets often play with them. In the case of cats, their trunk is a natural scratcher that they’ll undoubtedly love. For everything else, it won’t affect the health of your furry friend, so you can rest easy.

5. Cacti and succulents

The cactus has a bad connotation.

Some people avoid having cacti because they have the idea in their minds that spikes can be harmful to pets. Still, they pose no danger to them. In fact, they can coexist very well because it’s likely that your pet will want to touch them, but when they feel their texture, they move away.

Now, in the case of succulents, the same doesn’t happen, since they don’t have spikes. However, they’re still susceptible to the curiosity of pets but aren’t harmful and there are no risks if they’re ingested by dogs or cats.

6. Calatea: pet-friendly indoor plants

Besides being a pet-friendly plant, calatea is a tropical plant that’s native to Brazil. It has a characteristic that makes it special and that is that it’s expert at purifying the air. So if you have pets, don’t hesitate to bring a couple of calateas home, as they’re not toxic or harmful to dogs or cats.

Make sure they’re in a place where they get a good amount of indirect light and offer them moderate watering. In this way, your leaves will grow to be healthy and beautiful.

7. Tape

Ribbon or Chlorophytum comosum is one of the pet friendly plants.

Ribbon, tape, or the spider plant is one of the classic and very common indoor plants. Also known as a bad mother, it’s characterized by having long, ribbon-like leaves.

In general, this plant doesn’t need much care and coexists perfectly with any animal, since they can bite it without any problem. Without a doubt, your pets will have fun playing with their leaves–if you allow them to.

8. Rosary of hearts

The rosary of hearts is a very beautiful houseplant and has the shape of a nest where its branches intertwine with each other. It’s one of the plants that need less care (along with cacti), which also makes it perfect for busy people who have pets.

Decorate any space where it’s placed and use it to attract attention. The best? It’s pet-friendly, so it lives well alongside dogs and cats.

9. Orchid: pet-friendly indoor plants

Do you like orchids? Learn to take care of them

The orchid is a houseplant that’s distinguished by its beauty and elegance. It absolutely changes the area where it’s placed, giving it a clean and glamorous look. Due to how striking their flowers are, they can be attractive to pets, so it’s best to keep them in a place where they’re not within reach.

But if this happens, if your dog or cat eats the flower it’s no problem! This is a pet-friendly plant. Take care of it and make sure it doesn’t receive direct sunlight.

10. Tricolor maranta

The tricolor maranta is known as the prayer plant. Its leaves are unique and give a very original print appearance with striking colors. It adapts well to the decor of your home and it gets along well with your pets–it’s not toxic or irritating.

Did you know that these plants are pet-friendly?

It’s normal to start worrying about your plants when adopting a pet. Before that, it’s typical to get carried away by the plant’s beauty, size, or color.

If you’re thinking of adopting a new pet, make sure your plants are pet friendly and make sure your pets avoid those plants that you already have that could be toxic. If in doubt, put these plants in high places.

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