Make Your Own Succulent and Cacti Terrarium

Succulents and cacti have been in vogue for years and they're reluctant to step down from their pedestal. Ready to make room for them in your home?
Make Your Own Succulent and Cacti Terrarium

Last update: 29 June, 2021

If you’re passionate about succulents and cacti, go ahead and make your own terrarium. A mini habitat for these plants to grow beautifully, whilst being cared for and, incidentally, to decorate your home.

Their original and unique shapes and colors make them the center of attention. In recent years, they’ve become the object of desire for those who love interior design, so we invite you to go one step further and grow your own.

The charm of succulents and cacti

Decorate with plants

These plants have become a must and if you take a look on Instagram or Pinterest, you can find proof of this. The reasons are various, while they’re very easy to care for, their beauty remains intact throughout the year.

On the other hand, lovers of DIY have found hours and hours of fun creating terrariums in all kinds of spaces to display them. So that you don’t get left behind, below you’ll learn how to make one.

Create a terrarium with succulents and cacti

There’s a great variety of succulents and cacti. There are fairly large ones, with surprising colors and endless shapes. Therefore, it’s important that they combine with each other, both for their tones and their dimensions. Thus, a more harmonious and moving space is created.

Keep in mind that a terrarium is a miniature garden that you’ll create yourself, a plant ecosystem, which you must keep alive, imitating its conditions in nature.

Materials to use

Before starting, have the materials and utensils that you’re going to use at hand, so you’ll avoid interrupting your activity and cluttering the space with unnecessary items.

  • A glass container with easy access for watering.
  • Aggregate or stones.
  • Cactus substrate.
  • Selection of succulents and cacti.
  • Tweezers to manipulate the plants and place them easily into the container.
  • A soup spoon. With this, you’ll make the holes to plant your cacti and succulents.
  • Gloves so that you don’t prick yourself.

Step by step guide to making your own succulent and cactus terrarium

Learn to care for succulents

The first step, as always when you plant something, is to create an optimal layer that allows for drainage. As you well know, these plants do not tolerate excess water and, for this, you can use stones and the aggregate that we’ve mentioned. Choose stones that are small in size to create a firm base.

Next, add a layer of substrate that’s specifically for cacti and fill the container about six centimeters deep. This type of soil is less impermeable and favors the elimination of water.

Now, it’s time to plant the plants. Take into account the type of container when choosing your plants. If it’s flat, you won’t have a problem with the layout. However, if you’ve chosen a container with a narrow opening, think about how the succulent will grow. This so that it doesn’t collide with the container walls and grows vertically.

For hanging terrariums, it’s ideal is to choose plants that grow horizontally or with a certain drop. An example of this is the Senecio rowleyanus .

Next, with the help of the spoon, make the holes in the soil where you’ll plant the succulents. If the container is difficult to access, use long-handled tweezers to help you plant them.

Read this article to find container options for creating true wonders. Once you have the plants in place, all you have to do is water them and allocate a bright place inside your house. Your terrarium is now ready to be enjoyed.