Perfect Ideas for a Garden Pergola

A garden pergola is a structure made of different materials, which provides shade while, at the same time, creating an intimate space for relaxation or family gatherings.
Perfect Ideas for a Garden Pergola

Last update: 28 January, 2021

A garden pergola is an excellent idea if you like spending time outdoors and enjoying the space around your house. They’re useful both in summer and winter and are a perfect way to extend your house.

In the following article, we’ll give you some ideas so that you can design or choose the ideal pergola for your home. There are so many options!

What’s a garden pergola?

A pergola.

First of all, we need to define just what a garden pergola is. It’s a structure formed by parallel columns, which act as pillars to support a roof. It can be made of beams, crossbeams, or trellises.

Usually, the pergola roof is decorated with flowers or climbing plants, although some people choose to close it in with different materials.

Pergolas can either be separate from or connected to, a house. The aim is to create an area that gives us shade, helps us to relax and enables family and friends to spend time together at any time of year. Inside the pergola, you can have sofas, tables, chairs, hammocks, and even plant pots.

Before choosing a pergola for your garden you should think about what the best material would be to fit in with the style of the house. Popular options are wood, cement, and iron. Choose which one you like best, but make sure it will be resistant to sun, rain, or snow.

Another very important issue is the size of the pergola. Everything will depend on two factors. Firstly, the space available in the patio or garden, and secondly, what you intend to use it for. If you’d prefer it to be a private area for reading in the evenings then you’ll need one size. If, however, you’re planning to have parties or family events there, then you’ll need to think about a bigger version.

Great ideas for garden pergolas

There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying an outdoor breakfast in your garden or yard or taking a nap in the summer sun. A garden pergola serves many functions and is also perfect for outdoor decoration.

1. Pergolas with brick pillars and a wooden roof

A pergola at night.

If your house has visible brickwork, then the pergola should be made of the same material. Ideally, it will be a solid construction that will last for years. To make the roof, it’s as simple as putting together a wooden structure with vertical slats.

And, since it will be quite robust, then there’ll be no problem with hanging a hammock or sofa right in the middle – ideal for enjoying evenings with your children!

2. A wood and glass pergola

A wood and glass pergola.
Pergola /

As we’ve said before, the garden pergola can be physically attached to your house, and it can be a winter garden, conservatory, or sunroom. In this case, we recommend that the roof is as open as possible to avoid too much shade in the house.

A good idea is to set up a wooden structure with a vertical drop (so that the rainwater drains off). It can have a glass or transparent plastic roof and walls. Indoors you can put chairs and tables for outdoor meals and, of course, plenty of plants and flowers.

3. An iron pergola

An iron pergola.
Iron pergola /

Perhaps, when we think of a garden pergola, we imagine a wooden structure with very thick columns. However, we can opt for other materials, as is the case with iron.

The good thing here is that you can buy it already assembled in the size you want. You’ll then be able to move it around, depending on the time of year or your specific needs. An iron pergola can have a roof decorated and covered with flowers, or you can also close it in. It will give the garden a very distinguished and beautiful air.

4. Traditional Pergola


Wood and plants are a wonderful combination for a garden pergola. This is ideal for those with green fingers, as they’ll be able to choose all kinds of flowers, vines, and pots to include inside.

So, out of all these pergolas, which do you like the best?