Autumn Garden: 3 Ideal Plants to Bring Autumn to Life

Let autumn inside with these colorful flowers.
Autumn Garden: 3 Ideal Plants to Bring Autumn to Life

Last update: 16 December, 2018

When autumn arrives it brings cool temperatures and lots of browns, oranges, and yellows. If you want a beautiful autumn garden, we’ll give you some tips!

One of the best options is to choose plants that are suited to the color months and that look their best during the autumn. If you’re not sure about which plants, we’ll help explain the best varieties and how to care for them.

Pansies in an autumn garden

Pansies are similar to violets. There are more than 600 varieties. Consequently, there are infinite options when it comes to color, size, and when they flower. What these flowers all have in common is that they require relatively little maintenance and stay in bloom for a long time.

Generally, the first flowers appear at the beginning of October as autumn arrives. These blooms usually remain until mid-spring. This means your garden could be covered in flowers around eight months a year.

Another advantage of pansies is that they are a small plant suitable for any garden, regardless of size. To give you an estimate, the plant is usually about 20 centimeters when fully grown.

Pansies are a good option for an autumn garden.

Planting pansies

Typically, you can plant pansies at the beginning of autumn. It’s best to do this when it is still warm outside, around 16 degrees Celcius. These plants grow rapidly. Therefore, they’ll bloom about a month after planting. After three months, they’ll be at their most beautiful.


Pansies require very little care. It’s enough to water them moderately. Another important factor is to plant them in a place with lots of sun so they get the light and heat.


According to Feng-Shui, chrysanthemums bring joy and happiness into a home. This sought-after plant has various other meanings as well. If you want to fill your home with good energy and beautiful autumn garden flowers, this could be a good option.

Chrysanthemums are a great option for an autumn garden.

Planting chrysanthemums

If you want chrysanthemums in your autumn garden, you’ll need to plan ahead. Plant chrysanthemums in early spring. They will begin to bloom in autumn.

Plant them in a sunny place so that the plant grows fully. If you don’t give these flowers enough space, they won’t grow. Chrysanthemums can also be planted in pots. That way you can place in them in a windowsill or balcony.


Chrysanthemums require very little care. However, you should be aware that they require a lot of water. They need moisture to grow. Consequently, you’ll need to water them twice a week. Besides watering, they don’t need any other care.


With hibiscus flowers, there are various types that have different resistance to temperatures. It’s important that you choose the right one for where you live. This ensures that the plant will grow correctly. Broadly speaking, there are two types of hibiscus: tropical and hardy. We recommend the former for warmer zones and the latter in colder areas.

Hibiscus can help bring an autumn garden to your home.

Planting hibiscus

You need to plant hibiscus at the end of spring. These plants need water from the time they’re planted. Therefore, you have to water them three times a week. Hibiscus usually bloom during October. However, this can depend on the weather.


Once the plant sprouts, it’s important to continue to water it frequently. Other care will depend on the plant’s growth and health. If it grows too much, you can prune it at the end of winter. In addition, we recommend you fertilize it once a year.

With a little care and foresight when planting, you can have a full autumn garden. Don’t resign yourself to oranges, browns, and yellows. Create a beautiful autumn garden full of color!

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