6 Tips for Starting a Balcony Garden

Our tips will get you planting away! You'll be dreaming of creating a natural space ASAP.
6 Tips for Starting a Balcony Garden

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Lacking a backyard can’t stop you from having a balcony garden. In our post today, we want to show you some tips for starting a balcony garden at home to enjoy one of the greenest, healthiest hobbies around.

1. Best spot for a balcony garden

balcony garden spot

The first thing to think about is where you want to set up your garden.

Your garden needs to be in  the spot that receives the most sunlight as it plays a crucial factor in plants’ growth and health.

Your balcony might not benefit from maximum sunlight exposure all day long, so think carefully about which are the sunniest areas.

The sun exposure your garden will need will also depend on what kinds of plants you want to plant. Certain kinds need much more sunlight than others. Keeping that in mind, find out what your plants require.

2. Water, an essential element for starting a balcony garden

balcony garden water

Water is essential for growth and development. Make sure you have a faucet nearby for easy watering.

Some homes don’t have a faucet on or near the balcony. If that’s your case, you have two alternatives:

  • Water by hand if you have a smaller garden.
  • Install an automatic drip irrigation system to save on water as well as the effort of watering by hand.

3. Pots

balcony garden pots

You can use nearly any kind of pot or planter to start a balcony garden. Flower pots are the most popular option but if you have boxes laying around at home, they’ll work fine, too.

Make sure that your pots or planters have a sturdy, resilient bottom or roots will break through.

4. Make the most of your space

balcony garden space

You can also use wall space to create a garden that’s bigger than your available floor space.

Walls are a great way to make the most of your total area. Try setting up a vertical garden or hanging up your favorite plants.

Vertical spaces are easy to manage as you won’t need to bend over to water them. As a result, they’re a great option for elderly gardeners or people with back pain.

5. Eat what you sow

balcony garden eat

If you start a balcony garden, you’ll reap the benefits – literally! First off, choosing such a healthy hobby will inspire you to  change your dietary habits and lifestyle for the better.

Not to mention you’ll also be growing your own fresh, natural produce. What’s better than a vegetable that you yourself grew and labored over?

6. The perfect family activity

balcony garden family activity

Every so often it’s important to try new family activities to break the children free from a monotonous lifestyle. Starting a balcony garden is a family-friendly activity and can really be an original way to spend time together.

Letting your children get their hands dirty to see the entire process of growing and harvesting from start to finish can have great benefits:

  • They’ll feel accomplished from helping.
  • Growing a garden will encourage them to eat healthily.
  • They’ll enjoy responsibility and independence by caring for plants.
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