Outdoor Awnings: Function and Aesthetics

When it comes to protecting your exteriors and safeguarding the entrance to your home, incorporating outdoor awnings is a great idea.
Outdoor Awnings: Function and Aesthetics

Last update: 10 October, 2023

Protection from the elements can be achieved in different areas of the home and in different ways. One of them is through outdoor awnings , from which we can benefit both in the case of inclement weather conditions and on sunny days.

We don’t always have a porch that protects the entrance of the home. In houses or buildings, it’s best to have a certain resource that serves to shelter entryways or windows. It’s worth carrying out an installation that’s suitable to your needs.

In this regard, it should be noted that home decoration shouldn’t be limited solely to interiors. In outdoor areas, certain interventions can also be carried out that allow you to decorate and enrich the setting to offer functionality and comfort.

What are outdoor awnings?

Outdoor awnings consist of a metal structure that’s anchored to the wall and is made up of wooden planks or sheets of glass or polypropylene plastic.

They can have a curved shape and with a certain inclination; that is, a slightly arched arrangement that allows protection. However, it’s also possible to find them forming an acute or right angle without the need to establish a curvature.

The dimensions are usually not very deep. For example, they usually extend about 30 to 40 inches from the anchor wall, while their length will depend on the dimensions of the opening or the door. In addition, they can be linked to each other consecutively to better shelter the enclosure.

Outdoor awnings are a useful and functional component to cover the entrance of the house.

The qualities and benefits of transparent awnings

If we have to point out some of their qualities, it’s important to emphasize that, due to their appearance and layout, they don’t attract too much attention nor do they take up a great deal of space, being an essential principle in order to achieve a certain comfort.

  • Once you know the materials, you have to analyze what guarantees they offer. Resistance to rain, snow, and wind is optimal. In fact, they’re prepared to resist any type of atmospheric condition and prevent us from getting wet as soon as we open the door.
  • Another essential factor is the level of transparency. There are some with completely clean and diaphanous glass, but we also have those that have a lower percentage of transparency to help filter the light, especially polypropylene canopies.
  • Taking these two aspects into account, we can highlight that they’re translucent; that’s to say, they don’t produce a total closure nor do they hide the sun. In this way, you guarantee a certain level of natural light both inside and outside of your home.
  • At the same time, they don’t get in the way or hinder the walkway, taking into account that they’re located just at the top of the door or window frame. Also, if you want a more attractive appearance, there are structures made of wrought iron or other metals.

Opaque awnings: One more part of the house

Another category includes outdoor awnings that are part of the structure of the house itself. For example, they create a shelter over a typical undersized porch that juts out slightly just outside.

They’re made up of a small roof made of wooden beams and clay or metal tiles. No functionality is lost at any time; however, there’s not that level of transparency that we talked about earlier.

This case is appropriate for the rustic style, as it’s a very common element in the houses of smaller towns. Therefore, it offers a rural and more country aspect, different from the metallic glass canopy that denotes more modernity.

There are different types; the idea is that you choose the one that best suits the home.

Contemporary-style illuminated awnings

In the event that you prefer an awning that takes on more prominence and reflects a more contemporary sense, you have the opportunity to choose the type that provides lighting to your home’s entrance. They can even have sensors that are activated by movement.

These outdoor awnings act like a skylight, being more aesthetic than functional. In any case, they also provide the necessary light to illuminate the main façade and transmit greater liveliness.

In short, we find a very useful resource to protect and safeguard the entrance. The choice you make must be governed, fundamentally, by the needs and goals you have.

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