Ideas to Decorate a Small Terrace

If you have a small terrace, you also have a treasure. A place where you can create a haven and enjoy the outdoors.
Ideas to Decorate a Small Terrace

Last update: 26 April, 2021

When the weather is nice, having a little outside space becomes one of the greatest luxuries. Beyond the space you have, there are ways to create a refuge in which to recharge your batteries. If you have a small terrace, take note of the tips below.

You’ll be able to make the most of your terrace and not only that, but you will also be able to enjoy a beautiful little corner full of possibilities. Do you want to put them into practice?

A small terrace is also a terrace

Outdoor reading corner

If you think that a terrace does not have any functionality, you are wrong. You need to read this article and after doing so, you will never look at the space with the same eyes again. With a little creativity, you will get a beautiful and one hundred percent enjoyable space.

The storage you need

If you have little space and need storage, look for vertical options. A modular shelf will allow you to use the height of the wall without losing space from the floor.

Open shelves are flexible because they allow you to put anything on them. Alternate hanging plants and other objects that give it that personal touch. You can put a box or basket there with blankets and cushions to make the area more comfortable and pleasant.

A table for your small terrace

No matter how small your space is, you can always locate a table where you can have breakfast in the sun or dinner by the light of the moon. This is one of the essentials for a cozy space. A model that folds up on the wall, like the NORBERG from IKEA, can be a great idea.

A small terrace good for stackable items

We recommend that you add stackable or folding seats to adapt the space. Then you can have spaces of solitude or share with whoever you want. Stools are a great alternative since they have a double function and also serve as side tables.

Benches with storage space are also an interesting idea. You can have some extra seating for your guests while you store gardening supplies, for example.

Elements for a terrace.

Say yes to plants

Make a small corner that fills your home with vitality, joy, and good vibes, and add plants in pots. Don’t forget to hang one from the ceiling, ferns are perfect for this.

The lighting that a small terrace needs

Lighting is essential to create warm and welcoming environments. Whether your terrace is completely open or you have decided to close it, invest time in planning what type of light you will use.

Use indirect lighting, garlands that give it that romantic look, and some citronella candles at night to repel mosquitoes.

Less is more

When talking about small spaces, it’s best not to saturate them with elements or colors. Try to make everything dual-use, so you save valuable space and get everything well organized.

As far as the color palette is concerned, we recommend that you opt for a neutral one and that you add some touches of color through the accessories or a wall in another color, but no more.

As you can see, with a little imagination and a lot of planning, you will have a comfortable space where you can enjoy moments of intimacy.

A small terrace is also a treasure, so do not waste it by filling it with trinkets.

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