Vinyl Decals for Home Decor

More and more people are jumping on the vinyl decal wagon to decorate their walls. It's an original wall to add a little color to your room.
Vinyl Decals for Home Decor

Last update: 12 November, 2018

In today’s post, we’d like to talk about vinyl decals. They’re a simple yet original decor option that is apt for all kinds of spaces, including outdoor areas.

In addition to paintings, photographs or posters, you can also consider vinyl decals as a decor option.

However, though you can stick decals onto many kinds of walls, not all of them are suitable for this. In light of that, be sure to examine the texture of your walls first. Be aware of this: the smoother the wall is, the better the results will be.

How long a vinyl decal will last depends on its characteristics and the wall. They normally last for around 5 years; however, a low-quality decal sticker won’t take too long to start peeling off.

What are vinyl decals and what kinds are out there?

Before anything, we need to explain what vinyl decals are. They’re a sort of decorative sticker.

They come from vinyl polychloride, which is a very versatile plastic also known as PVC. PVC is made from polymerizing vinyl chloride monomer.

With regard to how these decals are applied, there are several different categories:

  • Adhesive: this is the most popular type of decal for interior decor. You only need to remove the cover layer from the sticky part. After, you simply place the decal onto the area that you want to embellish.
  • Water and soap: unlike the adhesive stickers, water and soap decals work great outdoors because they’re more resilient to the weather. They can withstand temperature changes, making them an option for surfaces that have big temperature changes, such as in kitchens or close to heaters.
  • Static: these types of decals work great for shop, store, and clinic windows… you could use them to promote a product or sale; they’re great for any temporary announcement.
Vinyl decal bedroom

Wall vinyl decals advantages

Below, we’ll explain some of the qualities that vinyl decals have:

  • Fast and easy application: regardless of the decal that you use, it only takes a few minutes to apply. The only problem that you might face are bubbles; if they don’t disappear on their own after a few days, just pop them yourself with a sharp object (needle, nail file…)
  • Removal: just as with the application, removing a decal is simple. On top of that, decals don’t leave behind any kind of marks. If you want to move them to a different spot, you can do that too.
  • Low-cost: decals are really cheap. The price range depends on the design that you want, but keep in mind that the cheaper ones are around 5 euros. The more expensive the decal, the better its quality, and consequently its durability, will be.
  • Variety: as we’ll talk about shortly, it’s easy to find all kinds, sizes, and designs of decals. Size and design affect pricing.
  • Easily accessible: these days, you can find easily find decals in stores and online, which is where you actually might find the most variety.

Decorative vinyls: some examples and ideas

We want you to be familiar with the most popular decal types. Remember to look for age-appropriate designs if necessary, for example, you can always check out a children’s vinyl selection.

  • Animals: for a cute and original idea, try sticking a mouse or squirrel decal on top of a light switch or wall trim… you can also try placing bird decals on top of a string as if they were really sitting on top of your laundry line. You could even find some of birds that are just getting ready to fly away.
  • 3D vinyls: you can create a sense of depth with these decals thanks to their optical illusion effects. Many show an animal or a landscape that jumps out towards you.
  • Plants: flowers, trees, leaves falling from the top of a wall, vines, dandelions, tree branches filled with animal decals like climbers and birds. To give an example, you can stick on a monkey that’s trying to balance himself while grabbing onto a nearby branch.
  • Famous figures: Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Edward Scissorhands, Che Guevara, Charlie Chaplin, The Beatles… you could even use movie or storybook characters.
Decal Banksy Variety

More examples and ideas for decorative vinyl decals

  • Musical decals: staffs, headphones, musical notes or the outline of an instrument out of which dance a string of musical notes.
  • Glow-in-the-dark: these decals light up a room in darkness. They usually last for up to 5 hours. You can use them in any room, but they work especially well for children’s rooms or playrooms.
  • World map: this could be an outline or maybe even jazzed up. For example, you could try using animals that live on each continent or in each country.
  • Landscapes: natural or urban. If you choose the latter, some popular skylines are easily-recognizable cities like London, Paris, Rome or New York.
  • Quotes: from songs, past figures, novels or motivational quotes. You can also stick the alphabet onto your walls.
Decals words quotes

Decorative vinyls: things you must remember

First off, keep decals relevant to the characteristics of the room that you want to decorate.

As you’ve read, you have plenty of options from which to choose, making it easy for you to find favorites.

Thus, you’ll have plenty of chances to be creative when picking out a decal. In addition to the variety, you’ll also be able to stick them onto all kinds of surfaces such as a door, wall, piece of furniture or even your computer.