Sustainable Decoration - Decor for a Better Planet

Are you looking to make some eco-friendly changes in your home? We'll tell you what you need to know about sustainable decoration.
Sustainable Decoration - Decor for a Better Planet

Last update: 17 June, 2020

Have you heard of sustainable decoration? We’ll give you tips for decorating your home while making our planet a better place.

Now more than ever, we’re all aware of the importance of protecting the environment. We’re going to tell you how to focus on sustainable decoration so you can do your part!

Over the past few years, it’s become evident that we need to care for our planet. This has led to changes in many industrial and consumption processes.

For example, in terms of food, people are now looking for natural, chemical-free products. When it comes to clothes, more people are considering what materials are used to make their clothes.

Similarly, sustainable decoration is becoming prominent. For example, there are now furniture and decorative objectives made with non-toxic materials, and through ethical processes.

Tips for an eco-friendly home

On the one hand, with sustainable decoration, we’re talking about using recycled or natural materials to decorate the house. On the other, we’re also referring to using eco-friendly materials, such as certain paints, energy-efficient lighting, or FSC-certified wood.

Recycling in sustainable decoration

Planters made from recycled bottles are an example of sustainable decoration.

We’ve talked about giving objects a second life in a lot of articles (like in this one where we tell you how to make a coat rack!). Through recycling objects, you generate less garbage. You also continue to use the things you already have. As a result, you’re not investing in something new. You’re also using your imagination and giving your house a personal touch!

The magic of DIY

DIY projects are a great way to create sustainable decoration.

DIY goes hand in hand with recycling and both are here to stay. With DIY, you can transform your home with unique and personal objects that you’ve made! The possibilities are endless. For example, you can make a knitted quilt, a macrame lamp, or painted glass jars for kitchen storage.

Eco-friendly paint

Paint swatches and a house blue print.

Nowadays, there is an endless variety of quality and quantity of colors of eco-friendly paint on the market. There are almost as many as there are for regular paints. Eco-friendly paint is natural and made with biodegradable materials. These are non-toxic, unlike synthetic paints made with chemicals.

Wood for sustainable decoration

Wood is a great option for sustainable decoration.

One of the most sustainable materials is wood. One way to create a sustainable decoration for your home is from reclaimed wood. You can use this to make a lot of different items.


A woman holding two types of lightbulbs.

Lighting is an extremely important consideration when decorating. However, if you choose a low consumption lightbulb, you’ll save money while contributing to more responsible and sustainable use of energy.

Sustainable decoration with plants

A dining room with lots of plants.

Sustainable decoration should include plants! They add energy to any space, as well as helping to clean toxins from the air. Plants are even capable of eliminating mold spores in some cases.

In Feng Shui, plants are one of the most valuable elements for managing the energy of a room. Also, they bring natural beauty inside.

Choose natural fibers

A chair made of natural fibers.

Decorative objects made of natural fibers are more fashionable than ever. For example, some options are cotton, wool, linen, sisal, raffia, wicker, or bamboo.

Any of these are great materials to create beautiful decorative accessories. These materials allow for better airflow and are more durable. Additionally, producing them is much less harmful to the environment.

Everyone should care for our environment with responsible consumption. This is reflected in our way of eating, dressing, and living. You can make better choices for your home by opting for sustainable decoration.