Pin Cushions - Three Original Designs

Make your own pin cushions using only recycled products and your own imagination. You can make it as high-quality as you like.
Pin Cushions - Three Original Designs

Last update: 17 October, 2019

Today we’d like to give you three ideas for making decorative and original pin cushions.

Pin cushions are a useful tool when sewing tasks to hold the pins so they don’t end up pinned to you! The shape can range from a simple cushion to a more elaborate, whimsical design,  that attracts attention.

You can definitely make an original design of a pin cushion yourself, just get creative and use your imagination. We’ll give you some ideas, just to inspire you.

Make pin cushions in the shape of hats

A pin holder hat.

The shape of this pincushion makes it look like a hat, You can easily make it with materials you already have laying around.

For instance, you can make the entire brim of the hat with an old CD-ROM you no longer need. Then, you can cover it with the fabric that you’ll also use to cover the other sections.

Furthermore, you can make the hat top with a small circular can lid and glue it to the center. Cover it with the fabric you used for the CD. Either that or use a different type of fabric for contrast.

Add some foam or rubber to the crown of the hat and cover it with fabric. This is so you have a cushion for the pins.

Cupcakes, doughnuts, and bread, oh my!

Another interesting idea for a pin cushion is to shape it like a cupcake or a doughnut. Try to make them look realistic, it’s all about making them look yummy so they catch everyone’s attention.

Let’s do the cupcake. For this, you’ll need a small-sized container – a yogurt pot or a small can will do. Look for one made with sturdy material. Once you find the perfect container, you can proceed to cover it with the fabric of your choice. Keep in mind you’re making the body of a cupcake here so add some ruffles to it.

Then, cover the foam or rubber with a fabric that resembles whipped cream or a sweet glaze. Any pastel tone is great and also white and brown for a chocolate look.  Place it inside the container and hold it with glue so it doesn’t come off.

This will look even more beautiful if your pins are the kind with the colored ball heads because it’ll make it look like sprinkles. But, always keep in mind that shape is not as important as  function so opt for the pins that work best for you.

Flower pin cushions

A flower pin holder.

Flowers are another idea to use for super cute pin cushions. You’ll follow the same basic instructions as above; although these are a little more elaborate because you have to make petals. And you may also want to add some embroidered details.

So, use foam or rubber to create the center of the flower (the top ball) and cover it with fabric to simulate the pollen. You can use any color you like, just don’t use the same one you’ll use for the petals.

Now you’re going to make the petals. Use bright-colored fabric if you can. Cut it into the various pieces that you’ll sew into the foam or rubber. You have to make them look like petals.

If you wish you can add a larger piece of foam to make the pin holder more functional for your sewing needs.

“You must be comfortable in order to sew properly.”

As you can see, it’s very easy to make any of the pin cushions we showed you above. You just have to remember that you can find a lot of useful materials by recycling and reusing many of the things you consume on a daily basis.

Final notes

The most important thing here is to be creative and be able to see past what you’re used to. Try not to buy the products made in big stores as many of those were made by exploiting people. Fill your home with objects that were truly made with the kind of love only you can bring.

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