Ideas to Decorate Furniture with Wallpaper

There many ways to decorate furniture with wallpaper. You'll breathe new life into your furniture and give it a very personal and unique look.
Ideas to Decorate Furniture with Wallpaper

Last update: 13 October, 2020

Wallpaper has many uses in decoration, so don’t think you just can use it on the walls. From the bottom of a drawer to that coffee table, there are many options to decorate furniture with wallpaper. Just use your imagination.

Besides giving you some cool ideas, we’ll tell you what techniques to follow to get the results you want. Let’s add a fun look to the furniture and accessories in your home.

Before you decorate furniture with wallpaper

To get the best results, you need to know the materials and techniques to use wallpaper to decorate old and worn out furniture, to give it a second chance.

Brick wallpaper.

They key lies in choosing well

There are many options in wallpaper, so it can be hard to choose what goes best with your furniture. Besides focusing on the design, pattern, and color, it’s worth noting the kind of paper you’re buying.

For example, liner wallpaper is thicker and more resistant, thanks to its textile base. This makes it very apt for furniture you frequently use, such as a table.

Getting the surface ready

Before you start working with the paper, you need to work on the surface you’ll decorate. Whether it’s made from wood or plastic, sand the surface. This way, you’ll make sure the paper sticks and no bubbles form. Afterwards, clean the surface well to get rid of dust.

The glue

Choose the kind of glue you need, depending on the type of wallpaper you’ll use. If you’re unsure about the paper, there’s a universal glue for all kind of surfaces.

When using liner wallpaper, put it over the entire surface, with a brush or a rolling pin. If it’s the regular kind of wallpaper, it’s best you put the glue on the back.

The easiest solution

Between decorative vinyl and wallpaper, there’s a self-adhesive paper that’s easy to use. It’s great to change how the kitchen drawers look, or any other surface.

It’s very easy to clean and, also, you can find many prints and designs available.

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Ideas to decorate your furniture with wallpaper

A new dining table

Do you need to renovate your dining table and you can’t afford a new one? A good option is to cover the surface with wallpaper, you’ll only have to overlay it on the table and it’ll look as good as new. Some designs look like marble or wood, and they look great.

To make it more resistant to wear, use vinyl. This is stronger and washable. Or you can coat it with varnish. There are acrylic bases available that’ll make the surface tough.

A personal headboard

Using a wooden board and the right wallpaper, you can create the perfect headboard and the most original one you’ve ever seen. There are many designs to choose from, from geometrical patterns to flowers, to those that imitate wood or metal.

A good thing to do is line the headboard on both sides to avoid coating the wood with glue.

Decorating furniture with wallpaper overlays

Decorate your kitchen furniture with wallpaper

If some parts of your kitchen need an upgrade this is the perfect solution. Wallpaper can do wonders for it. Once more, we recommend vinyl. It’s easier to wash as it’ll be exposed to grease and daily use.

Dare to decorate furniture with wallpaper. You can also decorate pots, trays, etc.

This is a simple and cheap way to change the look of your home and give it personality. Play with different designs and your favorite colors, and create rooms with charm.

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